Thursday, 06 January 2022
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Can't be many finer countries in the world,
4 hours ago
Mullen your missing the biggest key difference with your comparison.

The people in Nazi Germany did not choose to be Jewish , they were target because of they came from a Jewish families, even if they did not practices Jewish faith anymore.

Apartheid people did not not choose to be black.

You are comparing decision were people knew the consequence against things people have no control over.

Thank you HB

Correct those were examples where they was little or no choice. Although the nazis allowed Jews to turn their families in but no you’re right.

You make no secret of your sexuality HB. Thankfully we’ve moved on but what would happen if you were subjected to an attack because of that plus homophobic abuse and all you got was tough/sorry your choice to be like that, change your choice to fit in with society or accept these consequences for your actions.

You wouldn’t like it HB and you’d feel discriminated against as you did when NS posted his things - rightly so.

Sorry to use you as an example HB but you did reply. Discriminating against someone because they won’t take a medical treatment sets a very bad precedent imo. Yes it’s a choice like religion and sexuality but you can’t discriminate on those grounds.

It’s ok saying these are the rules. Apartheid was a rule in South Africa didn’t mean it was right.

What did I mean when I said it’s just the start? - well discrimination is starting again In other areas.

Mullen sexuality is not a choice, I can honestly say If I had the choice I wouldn't be gay .
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