Thursday, 13 January 2022
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Delicious-taking money from a spy.Far worse than sausage rolls in the garden
2 days ago
By all accounts Marko, the soaring fuel cost is down your brethren to the East

Johnson has been offered gas at a price that would reduce prices. He won't sign the contract, wants to buy from America. Same for several countries in Europe. If you want to play politics, sit in the cold

Is that the deal from the Russians that cuts out Ukraine?
2 days ago
In the good old days Ukraine paid 30% of the price for gas that Germany paid. And for every 3 cubic metres that crossed Ukraine they stole 1. When the Americans moved in Russia stopped subsiding gas so Ukraine has to pay market price. They built the northern pipeline to stop Ukraine from stealing gas.

Why does Russia have to sell gas to Ukraine?
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