Sunday, 10 October 2021
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Did anyone else go to the evening at Harraby Catholic Club last night?

It was a great night, really enjoyed it and many thousands of pounds were raised for the hospice.

So many of those lads are captivating talkers and still bounce off each other 25 years on, it was great fun.
1 week ago
Did David Currie turn up?

What are they all doing nowadays?
6 days ago
I did think it odd that it was on a day when the people that probably most wanted to go to it, would be unable to go to it.
6 days ago
Aye it would have been better on a home match day and they could have went to the game and been introduced to the fans. Although I don’t think it was anything to do with the club.
6 days ago
I think the problem was it was originally organised for last year and put off because of covid so it was a case of taking whatever date they could.. I think it was a sell out anyway, or at least pretty near to it.

David Currie was there.
5 days ago
Just looking through the photos in the News and Star has put a real smile on my face.

You'd argue that 05-06 was a stronger squad , along with most of our third tier sides, but I've never felt more affection for a group of players than those guys.

Pretty much the same 11 every week, every player has character and personality and you got the impression they were mates off the pitch as well. Not one player from the current squad gets near that lot!

Looking at the pictures , 26 years have been a lot kinder to Deano and Rod than the rest of them. They look like they could still get their boots on!
5 days ago
Aye Tony Gallimore and Arnie have put on a bit of beef!

What a great bunch they were and you can see why they were successful. Sad when you see the present situation.
You summed it up perfectly there Champions.
It was great to see them together again, a reminder of much happier times even though we were roughly where we are now in the football pyramid.
As you say, there was a great rapport between the supporters and players at that time, plus we had Mickey Tash......and no Director of Football I believe.
We played some fantastic football at times and even when we were not at our best you always felt somebody was going to produce a spark from somewhere to get us back on track.
I don't think anyone from our current crop would get anywhere near that team, in terms of talent or character.
The piece on Tony Gallimore in the Cumberland News a couple of weeks ago was a good read, and reinforced the sense of camaraderie that was so apparent in that squad.
What made the side so special for me, was a core of players had experienced the bad times at the club as well.

Edmondson, Walling, Thorpe, Deano even Gallimore (on loan) had been with us in some of our darkest days and had been on the journey as much as and as well as the fans. When you've experienced the bad times together, to make it through and experience the best of times is something unique.
4 days ago
It was also amazing for the small band of supporters who witnessed the joys of the Gregg, Middlemass, McCaffery era.
You're not wrong there Bob.

I remember back whenever putting my name down for supporters buses with Colin Barton in the Old Post Office Court supporters club behind the Friars Tavern.

He needed 12 names by Friday to run the bus. Before the Knighton years there were many times I'd pop by on a Friday afternoon to be told there wasn't enough interest to run a bus.

Some of the regulars on those buses are still regulars at away games now.
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