Thursday, 25 November 2021
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I quite like the guy and I know he has his hands tied but what the hell is he still doing here?

Has qualifications/experience and he is here being a divertor to the owners. Hasn’t achieved anything here and could be known as the ceo who takes us to non league - you don’t want that in your CV.

Who knows what he’d be like of giving a free reign abs different regime but it’s hypothetical. I know some people would keep him in regime change but I’d get rid as a complete fresh start is needed.

He produced more waffle yesterday in reply ti a supporter question. Ignored the question and more/less said we have ti support/trust the people that got us in this mess.

Enough is enough - there’s only so much waffle you can read - we aren’t stupid.
3 days ago
People’s asking what he’s still doing here, he’s lining his pockets.

The only noteworthy thing he’s done since he’s been here is tweet the word “blowjob”
3 days ago
A tad unkind-I’m of the view he at least has some idea of things and communicates.But ultimately he’s controlled and functions within a dysfunctional and misaligned environment.

The thing that troubles me is his ambition.He’s not stupid, he’s got a good CV, a qualified accountant.At his age, and his experience, he should be much further up the food chain.Why is he still here?Hopefully pride in his work and he sees something most of us don’t.
2 days ago
CW - They probably did a generic search for business folk in Carlisle, and you’ll have appeared. That is all it takes for a notification! Simple as that. Nothing more. I could do the same looking for you now!

I had one that I’d appeared in a search by the Club at a similar time. I saw the notification, deleted, and carried on.

You took a hissy fit and made it appear to be on a par with the Brinks Mat robbery!

And in 35yrs you’ve never once looked somebody up, then decided not to progress? I do it weekly on LinkedIn!

Good grief man! :D

I refuse to believe for a nanosecond that your genuinely believe "They probably did a generic search for business folk in Carlisle, and you’ll have appeared" in the days after I was mildly critical of them bullshitting about losing money due to covid.
And it's hardly taking a hissy fit when someone is searching for who you work for, but you just keep believing that.
Maybe if you had asked the right questions when they did it to you, we would not have had the farce of the members meetings, and how much it took the message board down a slipery slope.
And no, I've never made a business decison based on LinkedIn.
2 days ago
More likely human instinct , this bloke is giving us pelters who is he ? FB , twitter , LinkedIn. Ah it's x but still don't know him . Many folk would do the same so it's hard to criticise tbh .
1 day ago
CW. why wouldn’t a Football Club use a well known search tool to look for local people?! Commercial Dept’s all over will do exactly that as one avenue of research. Incredibly common practice.

What Q’s did I need to ask after appearing in a search? Because personally I didn’t give two hoots! Like 99% of other people would in my situation. Fancy appearing in a search on a search tool, who’d have thought it?!

Not sure how it links into any ‘farce’ as you call it, we tried to help you at the time, we took Q’s for you, and posted replies. All whilst you wouldn’t go direct (as advised) to the Club. And when you finally did go to the Club later on, you kept it private (as is your prerogative) but then have chirped up whinging about replies you received.

Good grief…

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