Monday, 11 October 2021
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Hello folks,

The next CUSG Meeting is scheduled for next Monday (18th Oct).

This is a reminder that we do not attend now, having tendered our resignation from the Group in August.

If you have any Questions you would like raised via the Meeting, you are advised to email them in to the relevant Group (As the minutes from the last Meeting said). We would assume if a Group has no direct point of contact then the central CUSG Email will make sure they get to the relevant Group - See Pic.


By all means post on here the Question’s you’re sending in, for discussion etc, but please note we won’t be sending them in for you!

We still operate a Thread for these Meetings, as people like to discuss the information that comes out from them.


6 days ago
Can’t be bothered to write out questions and wait longer than 3 weeks for an answer.

I just have to sit back and watch what a shit job everyone’s doing.
3 days ago
Got to say I do miss the ease of asking questions and the quick way the message board sent them in (can't have been easy with all the noise surrounding the qs). I got very fed up of the same folk asking the same qs again and again but I did find some of the answers interesting.

This time I have two questions that I really would like answers to, both to the club, and I have actually started to write an email a couple of times but the whole thing is a bit laborious. Write the email, then hey everyone I've written an email look at me, the wait for an answer to email, then post an answer to email, and to be honest I just can't be bothered.
3 days ago
Disappointing nobody from any other Group stepped up to the plate to offer to sort any Q’s that came in mind…

3 days ago
Yes, but I guess we all have other things as well. One of the weaknesses of CUSG is that anyone on that board are already doing things for their own group and there are only so many hours in the day.

To be fair it's not something I would have taken on even if I had the time. It would have been pistols at dawn behind Debenhams with Mullen or Kessler long before Christmas :D
3 days ago
Correct Bumble and it’d be face to face :p

I haven’t asked a thing this month - I’m too angry at the state of the club that any answers wouldn’t make me feel better.

The club/trust/and some supporters infuriate me. Not bothering with Saturday doesn’t look like any protests took off so I’ll do something else instead.
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