Monday, 30 August 2021
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Hello folks,

The next CUSG Meeting is scheduled for next Monday (6th Sept).

This is a reminder that we will not be attending, having tendered our resignation from the Group recently.

If you have any Questions you would like raised via the Meeting, you are advised to email them in to the CUSG email address -

By all means post on here the Question’s you’re sending in, for discussion etc, but please note we won’t be sending them in for you!

We’ll still operate a Thread for these Meetings, as people like to discuss the information that comes out from them.


3 months ago
Once they have unearthed you things will change .

Is John Nixon going to phone up my employer trying to get me sacked for criticizing him?
3 months ago
Once they have unearthed you things will change .
3 months ago
"Anonymous complaints cannot be investigated."

This is incorrect. Anonymous complaints can be investigated, the club just don't wan't to investigate them. They have this strange obsession with wanting to know peoples names, which I find quite concerning considering the directors history for phoning up fans employers trying to get them sacked.
3 months ago
I got the same reply as Mullen103.
3 months ago
Join one of the other groups and do it through them Mullen
3 months ago
So much for fan engagement and transparency.

Never mind - good job I didn’t type those questions.
3 months ago
Ho ho ho… :)
3 months ago
By this reply I take it they aren’t taking questions anymore.

Hi Richard

I have forwarded your questions to CUOSC to reply to you direct.

Any future questions can be raised direct to CUOSC or if applicable directed to the club as explained in this article:


Carlisle United Supporters Groups
3 months ago
I’ve sent the following questions, to be answered by CUFC and CUOSC.

“A group of German businessmen recently bought a majority shareholding in Dunfermline Athletic F.C. reportedly for a seven figure sum whilst retaining the existing shareholders on the club’s board of directors. This sounds like exactly the sort of deal that the current owners of CUFC claim to have been looking for and failing to find for more than a decade.

The German group said that they looked at many football clubs across Europe, to find one that would most benefit from their investment.

Question 1 - Were the owners of CUFC, including CUOSC, aware that this group was looking for a club to invest in? If not, why not?

Question 2 - Was there any contact with the group? If so, how did that go?

Question 3 - Why do you think that the group chose Dunfermline Athletic over CUFC? Is it because you aren’t trying hard enough to attract new investment?”
3 months ago
I’ve posted some regarding the trust but I’m some for the club I can’t be arsed to type now.

What’s the point anymore?

Everything about the club frustrates me from the owners to the trust. When you’re in tier 4 and the number one priority isn’t promotion than all those connected have failed.

We’ve also the trust saying tonight that these succession meetings haven’t happened, yet more bollocks.

I’ve gave up - had enough
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