Monday, 23 September 2019
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May as well have a dedicated Thread for future use for those of us with an interest!

NZ Squad just announced, headline is Bairstow is dropped...
1 day ago
Another normal day at the office. This is the result of poor scheduling, and it's all to do with money. I can't remember the last time that England toured Australia and had adequate preparation. Resting your best players for the first test is indefensible.
1 day ago
My wife's half Pakistani and there's no appetite any more over there for 5 day cricket.

Oh the irony of that comment!
1 day ago
124....what a pathetic effort.

If they think winning a few talentless required slogfests that are coming up will be even scant consolation...think again.. gutless and inept performance.

Cancel the lot and fly home and start practicing in the nets for proper cricket again.Aussies must be pissing their pants with laughter at us
Dreadful stuff.
What about staying in and digging in.? Occupying the crease.
It's like watching a cat on a hot tin roof or someone with ants in their pants.
They just can't wait to play shots and are always looking to score.
What's happened to leaving the ball?
How often do English Test cricketers face 100 balls anymore?
The art of the batsmen playing Test match cricket seems to be dying in England.
The only decent thing I saw this morning was Ian Botham during the interval whilst talking to David Gower, giving his thoughts on what is wrong with English cricket and what needs to be done about it.
It is not all about chasing the money.
1 day ago
I think what would sort things out is maybe a 80 ball competition ?. Seriously though the Sheffield shield must be a far better environment for young batsmen to learn in than what we have over here.
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