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  3. 20-02-2021 12:47
The ref for Tuesdays home game vs Tranmere on Tuesday is a fella called Benjamin Speedie.
It seems a strange appointment considering he was born on Merseyside and is affiliated to the Bootle referees association.
I think the club should contact the FA and request a more neutral ref takes his place.
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What happened to the one who squared up to a player at Peterborough (?). Brilliant, I'm not going to book you, I'm going to twot ya. Harsh but fair
  1. 20-02-2021 13:31
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Like us having Anthony Backhouse take a game...
  1. 20-02-2021 13:33
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Tonights Ref is now Scott Oldham, been changed at the last minute.
  1. 23-02-2021 16:55
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That is the problem you get when employing a scouse referee, poor old Benjamin is possibly in custody for something like theft or affray.
  1. 23-02-2021 17:10
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