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  3. 24-01-2020 15:33
Cobra meeting held to discuss plan of action if it comes to the UK (assuming it hasn't already). This is another consequence of globalisation and mass immigration, people with diseases from all over the world travelling all over the world, what could possibly go wrong?
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I understand them celebrating, any club would’ve done it. However the actions yesterday were a disgrace. There was no need to gather the day after, they had their celebration the night before. Then throwing fireworks at the Liver building which is a listed building and was supporting the armed forces that’s why it was red and blue. The fireworks set the building on fire which was cheered by their fans. Car loads turned up and old Trafford and were chased off. Yet I don’t see many media outlets being critical, Sky even glorying it, the mail said fans wore masks and stuck to social distancing despite posting picture of large groups together on the article. Blocked the road in Bolton of all places and letting off smoke bombs in the middle of the road. Surprised there hasn’t been a victory parade here. They can’t blame anyone else if there’s a spike in cases on Merseyside.

I wouldn't expect anything else from the bin ratchers. The plastics will be going on about this for the next 30 years.
  1. 28-06-2020 14:02
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176 deaths yesterday apparently if you believe the figures.

Still quite high.

There's been a cluster of cases in Annan and Gretna.
  1. 01-07-2020 16:33
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I can see solicitors rubbing their hands together over the prospect of a load of compensation claims going in because of Health and Safety failures over this virus.

Edit to add: Especially in the USA.
  1. 01-07-2020 23:57
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The Annan outbreak is at Youngs. Apparently linked to a group of managers socialising and one of the infected wives works at Carlisle infirmary.
  1. 03-07-2020 10:00
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