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After reading this players and coaches salaries must of came right down.

Its hard to see players at carlisle earning more than 50,000 quid a year...even the manager.
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The make up of squads seems different to back in the day.
Seems lots of players coming and going who are on the very fringes of professional football.
I always feel that I would like to see a core of say 7 or 8 good standard players who attract a decent salary as a senior player who is capable of regularly churning out decent performances.
The game has massively changed where the top 2 leagues stockpile shedloads of players that would once have had to play in the lower leagues to earn a living from the game.
Most of the players doing the rounds at our level are not good enough to warrant a bigger salary, but it is a bit of a vicious circle being a struggling league 2 club.
I understand that in a lot of sports, unless you are a real top player, you can expect a modest salary.
Our best bet is that players can put themselves in the shop window by performing well, they aren't going to be lured in by the money.
Feel a bit mixed emotions about the modest wages. Would like to think we would be telling agents to [censored] of these days.
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