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Christian Brueckner

A German suspect in the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann has been pictured for the first time. Child sex offender Christian Brueckner has been identified as a suspect, with police appealing for others who may have ‘concrete knowledge’ relating to the case to come forward. The man was described as white with short blond hair, possibly fair, and about 6ft with a slim build at the time she vanished on May 3 2007. Christian Hoppe, from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), told the country’s ZDF television channel the 43-year-old is serving a prison sentence for a sex crime and has two previous convictions for ‘sexual contact with girls’.
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I.m glad you asked that. Investigative journalist of 45 years standing and currently finishing a book on a murder in Wales to prove jailed person is innocent. Although he didn't work on the Mc programme - 14 years producer and sometimes director of Panorama, Many other credits on programmes such as This Week. He has worked with plenty of the type of characters which you give so much credit to - he was not impressed.
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Why was he not impressed?
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Daft question..........

Because he wasn't in Presto's of course.......
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Rather unsurprisingly intruder number 14 fails to be the magical figure who managed to get into a hotel room, sedate 3 children, store a corpse for 90 minutes so a cadaver dog could find it, leave no fibres, hairs, dna, footprints and get away without a single person seeing him all in 10 minutes. Trebly predictable as he was also suspect numbers 13 and 5 and they couldn't put him then less than 2 miles away either times then. Still, it worked with Skrypal so why not try again, 3rd time lucky.

Richard Hall has produced about 20 excellent videos trawling through the evidence trying not to mention aliens and faked moon landings.
  1. 10-06-2020 21:40
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I think that for balance people should view what Mr Hall does.

One comment on him re Manchester

Hall has released a new video strongly implying that the Manchester bombing was totally fake. He suggests several hypothesis about what happened to the dead, including that some of the children killed were actually fostered and are still alive in Europe, the female teenage victims are still alive as they and their mothers were paid to pretend they were killed and have been set up with new lives. The man is a coward and hides behind the language of hypothesis so he can't be sued by the families of the dead for his disgusting slander.
For all his criticism of the MSM, he forgets his time working as the ufo writer for his local paper.
The fact that one of his most frequent guests is a Holocaust denier shows what a vile little man Hall is.

For balance many comments are positive about him.
  1. 11-06-2020 23:11
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Suspect number 14 in the Madeleine McCann disappearance has now been told he is no longer under investigation. 14 suspects of an abduction, an abduction that Clarence Mitchell, the McCann's own PR guru accepted 'there were no signs of a break in'. The spend is now estimated at £14m with nothing to show for that at all. The inconclusive DNA could be examined but Scotland Yard won't release it because is part of an ongoing investigation. So we have stalemate.

You can like or love Richard Hall as an individual. What you have completely failed to do is to provide 1 shred of evidence that one single word Mr Hall produced in over 20 hours of documentaries is untrue. Instead of engaging in any form of intellectual discussion on the facts or considered opinions about the case you have reduced your posts to childish name-calling. You called me unintelligent because I questioned the narrative about an intruder taking the girl. I was wrong because....., supported by.....
  1. 12-06-2020 15:50
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What a curious message! Lockdown getting you down??

Childish name calling - where?? I didn't call you unintelligent - I questioned your intelligence. Through what you write you are perfectly capable of calling into question your own intelligence.

I made no comment at all about Mr Hall.

Intellectual discussion about what appears to be an extended ego trip by a man that insists in bringing into his argument Uncle Tom Cobliegh and all in what must be the widest spread conspiracy ever - in the 90 minutes of what I listened to he tried to implicate everyone - Brown, Blair, Cameron, masons, some Catholic order, Jimmy Saville. ll to come to some dubious conclusions based on what appears to be his own fantasy. Which you appear to share.

I neither love nor hate Mr Hall - indeed until yesterday I had never heard of him. But if you are presenting him as evidence in support of what you believe, other message board readers deserve to have an insight into his track record. A comment from another person who I don't know that I balanced by stating "many comments are positive about him".

Certainly life is too short for me to put down in writing my multitude of thoughts when I was listening to the chap and apart from that it would not make any difference. You don't know. I don't know. I just hope the German is found to have committed the crime and we can bring closure to this horrible episode.

But you chuck your dummy from the pram - what are you afraid of?
  1. 12-06-2020 19:20
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If you hadn't heard of him until yesterday you haven't watched the videos until the end. They last for over a day.

What time you have spent has been spent on researching his politics. Once again you launched into a personal attack on Hall without making 1 single claim that 1 single piece of evidence he presents is incorrect.

Scotland Yard were given the brief of investigating the abduction theory and not looking at the McCanns . After 13 years and £13m of British Government money, £4,5m in the Madeleine Fund, millions from the Portuguese Government and over a million paid by Brian Kennedy there remains no more evidence of a human abduction than alien abduction. Even Clarence Mitchell was forced to call it a working assumption.

If you are interested in the case watch the videos, for me its fascinating. There are lots of forums, Jill Havern, Laid Bare, subreddit Madeleine McCann where people discuss the case and there are lawyers, policemen and psychologists posting on these places.

Every single Portuguese police file is here, translated into English, witness statements, forensic files, they released the lot

Amaral's book for free in English

Tony Bennet's ebook,_2008

Some less heavy looks at the evidence. Skip the first 5 minutes of the first one, she goes on to make some good points

If you're not interested don't bother. But don't call people who are interested unintelligent just because you've watched a 30-minute Sky special or God forbid the Netflix special
  1. 13-06-2020 10:50
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Good morning. This is my last post on the matter as it is boring. But to clarify -
1. I never claimed to watch the videos to the end - as I stated 90 minutes total using fast forward on the 4.
2. I did not spend more than 2 minutes researching his politics; I found the web site that I referenced and noted the initial comments including the one I quoted, but adding for balance that there were favorable comments.
3. As such I did not and would not launch a personal attack on Mr Hall.
4. I am not interested in how much has been spent, all the people involved etc etc after the event because I give no credibility whatsoever to a conspiracy theory especially the one that claims the toddler died several days earlier hence the smell "located" by the sniffer dogs.

It all sounds like the Jo Bennett case that was never solved as far as I am aware and contained many of the same elements. It attracted the usual rabid press collection of CNN and FOX which in turn generated conspiracy theorists. In about 1998 I was flying LA to Miami and happened to sit beside a psychologist involved in the case who told ne it was 100 % certain that it was the brother. And 23 years later!?!

As such the Maddie case is a symptom of 24 hours news and scandal with "experts" falling over themselves to provide opinion (and money) while settee sleuths pore over every word, hiccup and fart to try and prove whatever they are trying to prove at the time.

I have no idea what happened. What I do know is:

1. Neither of the McCann parents have been charged with any crime despite all the apparent evidence.
2. The McCanns have maintained custody of the twins which would imply that the authorities are satisfied they pose no threat.
3. Accusations of Oldfied being a paedo (a curious story by Mr Hall about finger sucking and nipple stroking) have not been developed.
4. A man was seen at about the time of the abduction carrying a child.
5. A factual description of the last 14 years is on Wiki.

So I will leave you with your pastime - but repeat my wish as expressed in my first message above that if it is shown that Maddie was abducted and killed then you will apologise to the parents.

p.s. I repeat once again I did not call you unintelligent
  1. 13-06-2020 12:19
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The German Prosecutor appears to be changing his tune:
  1. 14-06-2020 11:54
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The German police are trying to get Bruckner for 2 (?) murders in Germany. They are collecting evidence but he is due to be released. If released they think he’ll go to Spain so they are linking with everything so they can hold on to him. So far their press releases have reported that they have evidence MM is dead, they have some evidence, they have assumed she is dead and she might be alive. He is suspect number 14, he was also number 5 and 13. He’s been interviewed more than Mourino.

It’s a shame you find it boring, its probably the most widely discussed crime of the century. It’s also a shame the McCanns have never been charged and I can’t tell you completely why that is. Gerry McCann is a friend of Gordon Brown’s brother; they work together and that explained political pressure in the early days. The bottom line is they went out and left 3 kids at home alone with no supervision, one (presumably) died, that’s culpable homicide in Scotland. Once on a stand and free from the threat of Carter Ruck we could have got some answers.
They have spent millions on PR campaigns of all kinds. Censorship of books on theories in Britain and abroad. They hired Tony Blair’s spin doctor and used people like ex Panorama assistant editor Anthony Summers to write factual (sic) books on the disappearance. The McCanns even announced the Netflix documentary was independent but stuck Summers into the editorial team.
In terms of your points
- I covered the lack of charges above. In addition DNA found in blood in the rental car the McCs hired when they returned to Portugal had 15 out of 19 matches to MM. That is enough for an arrest in Britain but not in Portugal, they require all 19.
- David Payne not Matthew Oldfield was suspected of being a paedophile. He was reported by 2 doctors who worked with him, the Gaspars. They voluntarily approached Leicester Constabulary. Google it. Richard Hall just reported the police statements they made.
- A man was seen at 9.15 carrying a child. His name is Dr Julian Totman, he was cleared
- A second man carrying a child was seen at 10pm, called in the investigation Smithman. He was seen by a group of 9 Irish people, the Smith family. They told police it was Gerry McCann.
- The daughter Aoife Smith said the weirdest thing about the man was his trousers, they were chinos but seemed to be covered in buttons. GM turned up for a TV interview in a pair of chinos with buttons right down them to the knees
- UK police dogs specially trained (by the FBI) to sniff for the presence of a cadaver found the smell of cadaver in the McCann’s apartment and in a rental car the McCanns hired on their return to Portugal after 3 weeks in Britain
Amaral was convinced Smithman was GM but he was taken off the investigation. The story is that Gordon Brown refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty unless he was fired, and that was that. Since then the only course of enquiry has been the abduction theory which has yielded nothing.
  1. 14-06-2020 14:02
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Seem's the conspiracy theory's can now be put to bed once and for all:

"German authorities who have a prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann disappearance have confirmed to her parents that she has died, the Daily Mail reports. Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters has confirmed that he sent a letter to Gerry and Kate McCann explaining that they have evidence for a murder investigation, but was unable to give any details on the evidence that they have during the ongoing case."

He told the Daily Mail: "I sympathise with the parents but if we reveal more details to them it might jeopardise the investigation. We have concrete evidence that our suspect has killed Madeleine and this means she is dead. We of course really consider the fact that it is going to be very hard for the family when we tell them... But we can’t say why she is dead – it is more important that we are successful and we are able to get the culprit as opposed to just putting our cards on the table and telling them why we think she might be."
  1. 16-06-2020 10:55
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Will I post the response from the McCanns that the speculation in the press is unfounded, and they have received no letter despite what the Mail and Sun said? Or do you want to do it?

The BBC, the Mail, the Sun, will you never learn?

When the McCanns returned to Portugal after 3 weeks in the UK they hired a car, a Renault Scenic. The Portuguese police took fluids from the Renault. Those fluids were analysed here in the UK at the FSS. They found the DNA matched MM on 15 points. The maximum is 19. The 4 points where matches didn't occur were unproved because the DNA had degraded. So the FSS said her corpse had a 98% probability of being in that car. So a 1 in 50 chance it wasn't there. Three weeks after her disappearance. 49/50 is a conspiracy theory? I know clinging to impossible dreams is our norm as CUFC fans but really?
  1. 16-06-2020 17:10
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The FSS used a technique known as low copy number (LCN) testing. Used when only a few cells are available, the test is controversial because it is vulnerable to contamination and misinterpretation.[157] On 3 September John Lowe of the FSS emailed Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior of the Leicestershire police, the liaison officer between the British and Portuguese police. Lowe told Prior that a sample from the car boot contained 15 out of 19 of Madeleine's DNA components, and that the result was "too complex for meaningful interpretation":

A complex LCN [low copy number] DNA result which appeared to have originated from at least three people was obtained from cellular material recovered from the luggage compartment section ... Within the DNA profile of Madeleine McCann there are 20 DNA components represented by 19 peaks on a chart. ... Of these 19 components 15 are present within the result from this item; there are 37 components in total. There are 37 components because there are at least 3 contributors; but there could be up to five contributors. In my opinion therefore this result is too complex for meaningful interpretation/inclusion. ... [W]e cannot answer the question: Is the match genuine, or is it a chance match.[c]
  1. 16-06-2020 19:29
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Will I post the response from the McCanns that the speculation in the press is unfounded, and they have received no letter despite what the Mail and Sun said? Or do you want to do it?

The BBC, the Mail, the Sun, will you never learn?

When the McCanns returned to Portugal after 3 weeks in the UK they hired a car, a Renault Scenic. The Portuguese police took fluids from the Renault. Those fluids were analysed here in the UK at the FSS. They found the DNA matched MM on 15 points. The maximum is 19. The 4 points where matches didn't occur were unproved because the DNA had degraded. So the FSS said her corpse had a 98% probability of being in that car. So a 1 in 50 chance it wasn't there. Three weeks after her disappearance. 49/50 is a conspiracy theory? I know clinging to impossible dreams is our norm as CUFC fans but really?

No, it's OK, Ill do it for you.

Kate & Gerry McCann Statement: June 16th 2020

Since the recent police appeals regarding Madeleine’s disappearance there have been many inaccurate stories reported in the media. The widely reported news that we have a received a letter from the German authorities that states there is evidence or proof that Madeleine is dead is FALSE. Like many unsubstantiated stories in the media, this has caused unnecessary anxiety to friends and family and once again disrupted our lives.

As we have stated many times before, we will not give a running commentary on the investigation- that is the job of the law enforcement agencies and we will support them in any way requested. Furthermore, we do not have a family spokesperson nor are we actively paying any lawyers. Any recent comments attributed in the media have not come from us unless they have been posted on our website. If there are important developments that can be made public, they will be issued through official police channels.

Kate and Gerry

You're buddies at the Daily Mail (you usually quote them) that printed the false story then.
  1. 16-06-2020 20:54
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There are 2 reasons why we can say we are certain the McCanns were involved, dogs and DNA
1) Leicestershire police recommended bringing dogs trained to search for dead bodies and blood. Google Eddie and Keela. Eddie is a cadaver dog, Keela blood. Eddie can search for up to 8 different things but in Portugal he was tasked with finding traces of dead bodies. They can find bodies in wated, buried over a metre deep and up to 3 years after a death.

In 2007 cadaver dogs trained at the FBI body farm were recording accuracy levels of 80-92% in finding bodies. Eddie was a gold medal winner, so the best in the world. After the McCann case Martin Grimes, his handler quit the UK police and was head hunted by the FBI.

Eddie alerted In 7 different places in the apartment and in the Renault. Assume that Eddie is not the best in the world but graduated bottom of his class- 80% accuracy. The probability of 7 false positives is 0.00128%.

For the dog to smell cadaverine the body must be in place for 90 minutes. An abductor killed her and left her for 90 minutes?

2) The McCanns left Portugal after the disappearance, came to Britain for 3 weeks and went back to Portugal. On return they rented a Renault people carrier thing.

Eddie alerted to cadaver in the boot of the Renault and Keela found blood. This was sent to the FSS in Birmingham for analysis.

For the purposes of the tests applied in 2007 an individual has 19 markers. So for MM some of these markers will be shared with her mother, some will be shared with her father and some will be individual. The blood tested showed 37 markers in total, all of these matched GM, KM and MM. Three people as you showed. From the sample 15 markers were matched to MM, the other 4 didn’t fail, the DNA was degraded.

For an arrest in Britain the police need 10 markers. For proof in the US they need 13 markers. For proof in the EU they need 16 markers. The Portuguese only had 15 so it did not constitute proof. However, the probability of getting 15 markers is in excess of 99%. This was what prompted Amaral to complain of political influence. It was standard procedure for the FSS to give the number of markers and the probability, they refused in this case. Google gerrymccann website, Amaral’s book is there for free, its in chapter 19.

Dr Mark Perlin, head of arguably the world’s leading DNA lab, has offered to use modern DNA testing to retest the DNA found in the Renault, for free. Scotland Yard has refused to issue the DNA sequences to him. Go figure why.

So 99% certain the McCanns had a body from British police dogs and 99% certain her body was in a car rented 3 weeks after her disappearance
  1. 24-06-2020 12:40
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Well it doesn't look like this German peado/raper guy is going to be charged anytime soon ?
He's due to be released soon .
so have they, by telling the world its him .... just made him a very rich guy... when I presume he'll prosecute for ruining his life ?
  1. 30-06-2020 22:26
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