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  3. 28-08-2020 14:38
I'm not as impressed as some on here and haven't much faith in any appointment by Holdsworth after the last two.

I'll give him till November before being relieved of his duties!. :D
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Aye a banker against a basket case of a club. What could possibly go wrong? :D
  1. 12-09-2020 17:51
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I would suggest he will last too long like others before him.The excuse as usual will be it takes time. The facts are that he has had time to prepare and produced nothing. Look forward to more of the same
We need a manager with championship expierience if we are to prosper.
  1. 12-09-2020 17:54
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Nobby is loving life at the moment. Can’t stop smiling in every post!

Hopefully we wipe that smile off your face next week by beating Southend.
  1. 12-09-2020 17:55
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Beech saying Cambridge weren’t great. Sounds a bit like Pressley in his excuses.

Training was excellent this week.
  1. 12-09-2020 17:59
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He’s right in saying Cambridge weren’t great, yet they beat us easily 3-0, so that says a lot about how good we were.
  1. 12-09-2020 18:14
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'He’s right in saying Cambridge weren’t great, yet they beat us easily 3-0, so that says a lot about how good we were.'

Yep, you're right. It makes the result even worse.
  1. 12-09-2020 18:31
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He thinks he's doing a brilliant job and "couldn't possibly do anything better".

Today's defeat was all the referee's fault, nothing to do with him or his oh so fantastic "preparation".

He's barely capable of stringing a sentence together and comes across like a first grade amateur.
  1. 12-09-2020 18:46
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The defence looked shocking in the pre season games so I'm not surprised we conceded a few. It seems even at this early stage a lot of the players aren't good enough so they need to take a lot of the blame, but Beech does also as he signed them and of course so does Holdsworth!

Progression won't happen until we have new owners but that's sadly just a dream :(
  1. 12-09-2020 18:49
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Training has been great this week!!!

I’m reminded of the spitting image Frank Bruno discussing how good he was doing in training and then adding
“But the bag doesn’t hit you back though Harry”
  1. 12-09-2020 19:35
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Site Admin
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He's very lucky with the fixture list to have what should be an absolute certainty of a win next week against Southend.

You’ve been following us long enough to know the script...
  1. 12-09-2020 19:54
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Southend have conceded 8, scored 1.

That's a better record than us - you'd have to make them favourites on Saturday (especially as we bent over obligingly and moved the kick off forward for them)
  1. 12-09-2020 20:00
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He keeps saying we take positives ? There are no positives,
I’m not sure what Taylor charters has done but looked decent but now can’t get minutes and not even in the team today, he’s one local who should be playing. ( not sure if injured but got no minutes in friendlies)

Clearly he’s out of his depth and was frustrated when holdsworth appointed an assistant/academy manager as the Carlisle United manager.

If we lose to Southend then November will be p45
  1. 12-09-2020 20:15
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