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  3. 24-04-2020 18:15
Hi all,

We’ll be implementing some behind the scenes changes in the coming weeks.

Upgrading the software that runs the Forum etc, should mainly be stuff that won’t affect you lot, but could be some cosmetic changes too!

We’ll update as/when it happens, in case the site goes clunky or changes suddenly.

May as well get it done whilst football is on hold in these strange times.

Hope you’re all well!

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There’s a few people not posting anymore since it’s moved, maybe as there’s nothing to talk about. Has anyone heard from Munchy?

Also NS is quiet.
At least we’re not Stockport
  1. 02-07-2020 20:04
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support from Kunena was very difficult to get as it was self-serve

It's a bit inaccurate to suggest that free solutions are always bad for support. It generally comes down to what kind of community there is with that software. Sometimes the paid solutions with paid support are actually worse than the free options with free community support. This is why I thought I'd mention Discourse but appreciate you taking the time to explain why you couldn't migrate.
  1. 02-07-2020 20:56
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Did you mention Discourse?

I really hadn't noticed.
  1. 03-07-2020 08:19
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