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  3. 21-11-2020 10:29
The problem with this message board is amply illustrated by the complete lack of posts about today's game! Those who do post insist on pursuing subjects ad nauseum that bore the majority who just want to talk about CUFC and football and thus do not engage. Its a great shame and those who are guilty, they know who they are, should, in my opinion, take a close look at themselves.

I am hoping for a good win today with Patrick, Kayode and Gime playing up front,, Reilly and Macdonald on the bench with Bennett starting.
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Team I’d play:




  1. 21-11-2020 10:37
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This message board becomes more vibrant and active with football talk when the team is doing shit. The fact we’ve been doing well (in most people’s eyes anyway) makes for a quieter time on this board.

A defeat today would be back to back defeats in the league which I’m sure would see this message board thriving tonight and over the coming days with talk of sacking the manager, January squad overhauls, the need for 4-4-2 etc etc.
  1. 21-11-2020 10:41
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If we got beat today we could be down to tenth. Questions would have to be asked. :o
  1. 21-11-2020 11:03
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The amount of traffic on this board is much reduced since it went to its new format. It's a chore to navigate.

Not fit for purpose.
  1. 21-11-2020 11:07
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Having just posted on a thread that has nothing to do with football, I'd better post on here!
Though the board will probably be quieter, here's hoping for a victory and a continuation of what will hopefully be our best season for a while - and you never know some may even be allowed in to witness the promotion push.

NB The board's new(ish) layout isn't too bad to navigate now, the only real gripe being that when you first log in it takes you to the first comment (which is fine) but possibly it should also show the latest comment too. It is no big deal though as it is just a case of scrolling down to the bottom of the first page and clicking on the arrow.
Also they also seem to have resolved the problem of the long delay when posting.

There, a positive post.
  1. 21-11-2020 11:21
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Hoping we will bounce back today.
Need our forwards available, fit and firing on all cylinders.
Reasons to hope that will be the case today.
3-1 to Carlisle today.
  1. 21-11-2020 11:31
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Beechy has been supplying Premier league players since he was 29 according to his interview so I'm going for a 6-0 Blues win. ;)
  1. 21-11-2020 12:14
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