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Now the GE is done and dusted, and with MP’s returning to Parliament today to begin being sworn in, we’ve locked the GE Thread last night, and you can now use this one for any Westminster related stuff.

Anything Brexit related will be moved to the ongoing Brexit Thread!

If you are quoting, please add a link to back it up. Post without and the quote may be removed.


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Groundhog Day


a situation in which a series of unwelcome or tedious events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way.

Or in other words...Alan's back on line.
  1. 07-06-2020 13:55
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I see Own Jones is a supporter of this bunch of anarchists:

Follow the Stop Trump Coalition link at the bottom to see the rest.
  1. 09-06-2020 14:48
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Check your privilege lads :-)
  1. 09-06-2020 15:50
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See the premier games players were down on one knee last night ... respecting " game of thrones " ?
  1. 18-06-2020 19:30
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I saw this and thought of you Chilled-I made the Union point a few weeks ago.It equally applies to teaching unions over here who seem determined to not go back to work
  1. 28-06-2020 08:54
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