Tuesday, 17 December 2019
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Now the GE is done and dusted, and with MP’s returning to Parliament today to begin being sworn in, we’ve locked the GE Thread last night, and you can now use this one for any Westminster related stuff.

Anything Brexit related will be moved to the ongoing Brexit Thread!

If you are quoting, please add a link to back it up. Post without and the quote may be removed.


1 week ago
1 week ago
A respectable Tory? More deluded than I thought.

Good news for fishermen though
Government says polluters can dump risky sewage into rivers as Brexit disrupts water treatment

What a load of codswallop.

So, they are short of ferric acid for Third stage cleaning (mainly used to reduce H2S) due to a supply chain issue, that being the lack of truckers, and it's all Brexit's fault, what a load of bxxxcks !!

The Industry has know for donkey's years that more truckers were leaving and retiring way in excess of joining (30k a year leaving in Germany and 3k a year joining)

They have sat on there hands the chicken's have come home to roost...........
I see that custom checks on goods from the EU are to be delayed yet again, whilst exporters from here to the EU have to provide additional paperwork, incur additional costs and reorganise their businesses. It's all due to Covid and worldwide distribution issues apparently - it's strange how a slow, 27 nation bureaucratic EU don't seem to have been affected as much by those.
Still....at least we have resolved the border issues and 'taken back control'.
Now, who forgot to turn on that oven?
1 day ago
We now need to pay additional national insurance to save the NHS. What happened to £350m a week?
Yep, I forgot to mention that one - I would just have been accused of being a bitter remoaner not willing to accept the result if I had mind.
1 day ago
We now need to pay additional national insurance to save the NHS. What happened to £350m a week?

Well given Covid has cost the NHS an additional £1,000,000,000 per MONTH the £350m looks like loose change !

40 new Hospitals will help make a hole in the budget I think.
1 day ago
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