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Seeing as we've just taken over, a timely reminder of the rules of the forum!

By using TheCumbrians.Net, you agree to abide by the forum rules as detailed below, and accept the way the forum is run.

User Registration

It is not permitted to register to TheCumbrians.Net with multiple accounts. Anybody found doing so will have their accounts banned.


TheCumbrians.Net is moderated by a number of posters, who on a daily basis are trusted to manage the basic content of the forum, and use their discretion when doing so. Whilst the forum is monitored regularly, due to the number of registered members, and posts submitted every day, there may be occasions where some posts go unnoticed. Moderators cannot, and are not expected to read every single post.

Deleted Posts or Topics

Whilst this is primarily a Carlisle United FC forum, there are very few topics which are off-limits. That said, the following are likely to experience closer scrutiny and may be deleted without explanation:

Sexism, Racism, Homophobia or Disability

The subjects of sexism, racism and sexuality are common. In the majority of cases, a healthy and informative debate takes place; however any abuse of posters, players or people in general based on their race, religion, gender, politics or sexuality is not acceptable; neither is abuse based upon disability.

For the purposes of using TheCumbrians.Net, we accept that there will be a degree of banter that will cross the line for some posters earlier than others, and some discretion on behalf of those Moderating the forum will have to be exercised. Posters should consider however; that not all Moderators will have the same views as to what has passed beyond banter, into offence.

For this reason, we advise all posters to apply common sense. If you think you are treading a bit close to the line, then back off a bit. If you think that something you're about to post is likely to offend another forum member, then we recommend you don't post it. All Moderators have the right to edit, or delete posts or topics at their own discretion.

Personal attacks, threats or obscenities towards other posters

As with the subjects mentioned above, we accept that there is, and always will be a degree of banter. However, all users take full responsibility for what you post. Again, if a Moderator deems that your posts are treading the line of what is acceptable, then they may be deleted.

Libellous or Defamatory content

It is not permitted to post anything that could be deemed libellous or considered defamatory. This includes repeating information from another source that could be considered libellous/defamatory unless it can be absolutely proven with documentary evidence in a court of law. It is no defence whatsoever in terms of guilt to say that "someone else said it first".

Posters may be liable if they post libellous/defamatory comments. If the site Administrator receives any formal complaints regarding libellous/defamatory content, we will pass on any available records requested regarding the offending user. If a Moderator sees a post or topic that they feel could be construed as libellous or defamatory then they have the right to delete it, without explanation.

TheCumbrians.Net will do its best to attempt to keep all messages on this forum respectful and within the forum rules, but it is impossible for us to review every message. All messages expressed by the poster are views of the author, and TheCumbrians.Net will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Topic/Post Subject and Content

Whilst posting on TheCumbrians.Net, there are a few things that we ask you bear in mind.

Please avoid subject duplication. Occasionally a topic may be deleted because it is either old news, or there is already an existing thread on the subject. If you have an issue with something posted in a particular topic, address it within the existing topic. Do not create a new topic to make your point.

Posters are advised to use the correct sub-forum when posting. Moderators have the right to move any topic into a different sub-forum. Any poster found to be continually posting topics in the wrong sub-forum may have their account temporarily suspended.

TheCumbrians.Net is open to all ages; however we accept that occasional swearing will take place. Some swear words may be filtered out. We request that you do not attempt to by-pass the swear filter in any way. Any user found to be purposely doing so may have their account suspended, or banned. If you do feel the need to use expletives, please do not put them in topic subjects. Moderators have the right to edit, or delete any post or topic containing swearing.

Nudity is generally 'Not Safe For Work'. Images or URL's of a pornographic nature are not welcome, and will be deleted. Any user repeatedly posting such material will likely have their account banned.

Links posted on TheCumbrians.Net are not checked by the site Administrator, or Moderators, and therefore you accept that you open them at your own risk. TheCumbrians.Net do not accept any responsibility for any viruses or malicious content that gets onto your machine as a result of visiting external websites.

Suspensions and Bans

Account bans will only be carried out by site Administrators; however Moderators will have the ability to temporarily suspend accounts for review, or for a cooling off period.

In the case of a serious abuse of the site, a straight ban will occur. In most cases, the user concerned will receive a warning that their behaviour is unacceptable. If the poster fails to address the points raised by the site Administrator or Moderator, then a ban may occur.

If a banned member wishes to return to TheCumbrians.Net, then they need to send an e-mail to requesting permission to do so. Registering under a different username or email address will lead to that account being banned, and as a result will likely remove any possibility of the banned user ever being allowed to return to the forum.

Complaints / Reporting

If you wish to make a complaint against a particular post/thread, please use the 'Report' function, and the situation will be reviewed by a forum Administrator. If you wish to make a complaint about another user, Moderator or Administrator, please email All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Complaints made public on the forum will be removed.

Applying for a Moderator position

If you would like to help moderate the forum, in accordance with the rules above, please email

Thank you for reading - Enjoy the Forum!

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