1. Dancingbear
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  3. 12-09-2020 15:05
Barrow match on ffs. That’s me and my dads afternoon listening knackered. Tossers.
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Agreed. Anyone know why they have gone with Barrow on 721? Are the Barrow games to be prioritised on BBC RC?
  1. 12-09-2020 17:12
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Barrow forum claims we are alternating with them now they are our equal ?
Maybe next season they’ll be on every week!!!
  1. 12-09-2020 18:03
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No way are they our equals!

But if we can turn things around and maybe stop being being tonked every game we might be able to get up to their level in the near future
  1. 13-09-2020 20:40
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