Thursday, 16 September 2021
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I like a good conspiracy theory but it’s interesting that the tin foil hat brigade predicted with this Covid stuff high energy prices and electricity cables being cut.

And we have this today - just coincidental ???? Odd!
1 month ago
Ok, I'll bite.

When did covid sceptics claim electricity cables were going to be cut?
1 month ago
It’s not trying to get a bite and to be honest it wasn’t an area I believed in either.

I’m sure I or someone has shared the diagram stating the interlinking of Covid restrictions to the agenda 21/30 stuff on climate change. On that diagram it states things like there’ll be little flying and the climate change stuff about moving to electric cars, removal of gas boilers and being fewer airports.

But it also stated in 2022 energy prices would go up considerably for a while by acts of sabotage while countries go towards renewable energy of wind turbines/solar power etc.

Another interesting point was the thing about TV going to steaming only. No idea why.

Again could be coincidental codswallop but it’s just something I remember from that diagram.
1 month ago
My national grid shares are up a bit this morning so they don't seem that perturbed *leeching* (that was actually meant to say kerching but a fitting autocorrect maybe)
1 month ago
I'm not surprised the interconnector caught fire. It's been running on max for the last few months. Wind speeds remain incredibly low so our coal fired power stations too will be running to their max. It won't be long before people are talking about power cuts.
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