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  3. 12-09-2020 17:02
Farman Not a lot wrong. 5
Tanner Poor. 3
Hayden Improved after early weakness 5
McDonald slow and clueless in getting us going.
Anderton Slow 3
Guy buzzed to little effect 5
Mellish didn't buzz 4
Kayode offered a little 5
Alessandra Poor 3
Patrick Tried 5
Toure man of the match tired after being best defender and best attacker and frustrated 7.5

Riley looked decent but no result 5
Walker impressive start 6
Amer not a lot 5

Beech ??!!??
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Can't argue too much with those ratings.
  1. 12-09-2020 17:09
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Can't argue too much with those ratings.

Mcdonald 2.5
  1. 12-09-2020 17:13
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Aye them ratings about right. I’d give Hayden a six at least. One man defence! :D
  1. 12-09-2020 17:13
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Yes agree too.

Tanner and alessandra were awful.

Joe riley would make a good full back

Alessandra needs released
  1. 12-09-2020 17:15
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Farman 5 - could he have done better with the first? Not good enough

Tanner 3 - poor defensively and offered nothing going forward

Hayden 6 - only defender worthy of his place. A few mistakes but typical brave performance

McDonald 3- slow. Not good enough

Anderton - 3 see Tanner. Shouldn’t be captain

Guy 5 - a passenger

Mellish 3 - never a midfielder

Alessandra 6 - tried without success to link the play. Set pieces were poor

Patrick 6 - looked lively in the opening stages but faded badly

Kayode - 6 huffed and puffed with no service

Toure 7 - looks quality. Might have been a different game had his shot in the first half curled the right side of the post

Riley 6 - looked decent. Needs to start next week

Armer 5 - nothing special

Walker 6 - positive impact against tired defenders

Beech - 3. Yes it’s early days but to concede 3 in each of our first three games is embarrassing, especially given this is his FIRST CHOICE back four!

I like the guy, but he will lose the fans very quickly if things don’t improve. Some of his own decisions have been poor - Mellish in midfield, Anderton as captain for example and whilst he’s been unlucky with injuries to three first teamers in Norman, Furman and Dickenson, it’s obvious the squad he’s assembled isn’t strong enough.

It’s worrying when he favours moving Anderton to CB rather than bringing Max Hunt on. Isn’t he meant to be our back-up CB??
  1. 12-09-2020 17:54
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It’s worrying when he favours moving Anderton to CB rather than bringing Max Hunt on. Isn’t he meant to be our back-up CB??

I wouldn't worry. I've seen Hunt. We'd do better just playing with ten men rather than bring him on. With Mellish playing, then we are playing with ten men...
  1. 12-09-2020 22:37
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Farman 3 - didn’t do much wrong, but neither would a traffic cone if it was between the posts.

Tanner 3 - poor defensively and offered nothing going forward - yep agree

Hayden 4 - doesn’t look anywhere near the player of last season

McDonald 1 - so so bad so so slow

Anderton - 2.5 mmmmm poor today

Guy 2 - poor, hasn’t had a ok game for us get, getting really disappointed by him

Mellish 1 - enough please of this experiment

Alessandra 2 - Poor

Patrick 2 looked way off it, not fit

Kayode 2 looked way off it, not fit but you cousin tell there quality there

Toure 6 last week not impressed but our best player by miles

Riley 5 yep needs to start

Armer 5 - nothing special

Walker 3
  1. 12-09-2020 23:42
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Mullen and Kayode are cousins. Would never have guessed that.
  1. 13-09-2020 00:38
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Separated at birth when you see them together!
  1. 13-09-2020 16:24
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Farman 5 - Didn't do much wrong, big kicks up-field rarely round our forwards.

Tanner 3 - Very poor, couldn't get going, was too far forward and out of position leaving Hayden to mark 2 men for most of the first hlf

McDonald 4 - Looks slow and lacking match sharpness, distribution poor

Hayden 6 - Did well defensively, distribution poor, had to cover a lot of ground to make up for others

Anderton 3 - Slow and looked jaded

Guy 6 - Passing was poor but gets through a lot of work in midfield. Needs a CDM beside him to sit in

Mellish 3 - Not good enough to be a midfielder, makes alright runs but not good enough on the ball or positionally aware

Alessandra 3 - Off it again, poor touch, poor passing - looks off the pace

Patrick 6 - Looked sharp, provided raw pace and tried to create, will get better with more minutes under his belt

Kayode 5 - Didn't really get into the game, nearly got on the end of a few chances but again, lacking sharpness

Toure 7 - MOTM, provided most our creativity, nearly scored a worldy in the first half, hopefully keeps up his form

Walker 6 - Looked sharp, tricky and pacy. Could be a good signing!
Armer 5 - Quicker than Anderton and decent in the air, though didn't do much
Riley 6 - Good crossing and set-piece delivery, looked to get forward and link up play with the midfield more - should start the next match

Need more creativity in midfield e.g. a Devitt type player to replace Alessandra and a seasoned CDM (Furman one fit again), Front 3 will cause defenses problems once they get back into match sharpness. Defence looks over-exposed.
  1. 13-09-2020 19:15
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Farman 4 - didn’t do much wrong then again didn’t do much right

Tanner 2 classic example of a player melting - but unfairly singled out for the first goal if we had a competent midfielder they sit in their and cover - looked Vulnerable from then on.

MacDonald -3only player he tackled was Hayden

Hayden -5 scrappy game by his standard but sold non the less.

Anderton - 3 doesn’t Look match fit cant tackle cant pass atm.

Guy and Melish - 1 - not sure the game would be different if they played or didn’t - cant tackle cant pass

Allesandra - 3 tries but just isn’t EFL standard

Patrick - 4 tried but you can tell he’s played very little football

Toure -6 best player works hard and offers some quality - bit of a worry our players are incapable of reading his crosses

Kayode - 5 worked hard, but he wasn’t a
Target man last season and isn’t this season.
  1. 14-09-2020 18:03
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Shouldn't the above posts be moved to the CUFC Player Ratings v Cambridge thread?
  1. 14-09-2020 19:43
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Site Admin
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Still waiting for some Cambridge ratings...

  1. 15-09-2020 13:18
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