Monday, 13 September 2021
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What’s wrong with wasabi peas??
1 month ago
Strictly independent me IBO. I didn't provide the effigy so I'm keeping out of it.

I'm sure all will be ok though, the comms box is outside at BP, so no nasty fumes up there. I generally try and stay at ground level rather than climb the equivalent of Scafell Pike to get there but I'm sure Lummy will use his diplomatic skills to sort it out.
1 month ago
Following the across the board shunning of the peas by Bumble et al. old Newton has put his foot down and banned them from the comms box.

Phillips originally accepted the decision, but overnight he had a change of heart and became very angry

He’s currently in the BBCRC car park burning an effigy of Newton in protest.

Bumble - would you mind going and trying to calm him down

Gary WOODWORTH is lined up to replace Phillips on comms this Saturday. Parkside Road’s loss is our gain
1 month ago
Ibo I'm shocked. You know the rules. What happened on tour stays on tour. You may think it's innocuous mentioning my love of vindaloo (a fad I quickly got over) but any more and I will be forced to tell what happened to Phil Taylor's drumstick and even now some journos would pay good money for that story.
1 month ago
He insinuated that you couldn’t handle the heat. Which I knew to be a lie given you’re insistence on having a super strength vindaloo for breakfast every morning back when we were roadies for Motörhead
1 month ago
Has radio Cumbria been telling tales?

There is an enormous step when you come out of the press room and down the stands, I mean knee-high and a very narrow gangway. I tried my best to manouvre myself plus a cup of tea down that step and I managed. Thankfully I had serviettes to wipe the desks and Amy's laptop after taking the leap of faith and half a cup of tea was nice. I thought better of the peas they could have gone anywhere!
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