Tuesday, 26 April 2022
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So the Govt is to set up an ‘Independent Regulator’ following Tracey Crouch’s ‘Fan Led Review’.

The Premier League say it’s not necessary.

The FSA are all for it.

Interesting times ahead…

2 months ago
Liz Truss not interested:

5 months ago
Hopefully Football will become transparent (Cat in hell's chance) and all finances will become public viewing including the dreaded 'Undisclosed Fee'.
5 months ago
Looks like ‘Independent’ could really mean ‘FA appointed’:

7 months ago
Good article by Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail regarding a Football Regulator saying you can regulate against corrupt or crooked owners but you can’t regulate against incompetent stupid ones.

Most Clubs who go bust or get relegated like Oldham are the latter.

(Admin - Link added!)
7 months ago
I wonder if the CUOSC duo in Hexham are getting the job applications in as we speak
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