Wednesday, 16 January 2019
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Can you name this bird I snapped
With camera phone this morning.

The smallest I've ever seen.
1 month ago
No problem, Chalky. I'm glad you like them.
1 month ago
I've just looked back at some of your other photos on here and it's obvious that you must live in a rural area,foxes and rats are all you see around here where I live,the photo of the woodpecker is especially good and you are lucky to have all of that nature on your doorstep but you will know that already going by your photos,thanks for sharing them
1 month ago
Yes, I think that's right, Chalky. Rather sad and beautiful.
Have just moved to the countryside from the town.
I've only ever seen them in rural areas when I was growing up and a few in the Lakes scurrying across paths or tracks through woods but never in a town. Normally I've just seen a blur and only realised what they are once they've gone!
1 month ago
Those photos look both beautiful and sad,I've never seen a weasel or stoat or anything like that,do you live in an urban area?
1 month ago
Found a dead weasel in the garden this morning.
First time I've ever been close to one. Normally just catch a flashing glimpse.
I shouldn't really like them as they are so destructive but it was actually rather a beautiful thing.
Not sure what killed it. Had a couple of very small puncture wounds. We have sparrowhawks here but unless I disturbed it they would have made a right mess of it.
7 months ago
Tried to download a photo and failed.:(
7 months ago
You were wasted as a postie, Pete!
7 months ago
"First swallow of the year at weekend.Always brings a smile to my face".
No need to bragg about it ncf.
7 months ago
Saw my first Swallow of the year at the weekend. Always brings a smile to my face and helps me feel hopeful for the year ahead. Any arrived in Cumbria yet?
9 months ago

Hares yesterday. Getting on for 6 now when it's still light. Spring not far away...
10 months ago
I recorded it Tuesday 2100 BBC 4. It'll be on iPlayer I'd have thought. Look out for his first two. Scawfell and Blencathra
10 months ago
Not watched it Waltero

We're can you watch that?
10 months ago
Anyone watched the Helvellyn prog yet. I'm gonna watch it to tomorrow
10 months ago
Channel 5 @ 9pm tonight. Robson Green walking 'The Wall' through Cumbria.
10 months ago
Yes, it is a lovely song, Zebby, isn't it?
I'm not sure they are doing quite so well these days but I do see them quite often in the Hawthorn hedges on the field edges. Was a bit easier to spot the other day as it stood out so well in the snow.
The Corn Bunting is a bird I hardly ever see. Very common growing up in the fields but I probably only see a handful each year now.
10 months ago
Can't remember last time I saw a wild yellowhammer, stunning bird with a famous call!
10 months ago
Some more of the hares starting to go a bit mad. Also a Yellowhammer, Corn Bunting and Great Spotted Woodpecker. Bit of light in dark times.
10 months ago
Quite a bit of snow over the weekend and good to get out across the fields. For once, the hares were easy to see.
10 months ago
Also, at 9pm Thursdays Robson Green has a three part series about walking Hadrian's Wall. Next Thursday is the final part which will see him doing the Cumbrian section which includes a visit to the Bird of Prey Centre at Thurstonfield.
10 months ago
Yes, I saw that, Walt. Thanks for the reminder. The other ones he's done have been great. I follow him on Twitter and he puts some lovely images up.
10 months ago
Hi NCF. Not really wildlife but in case you or others hadn't spotted it. Terry Abraham (Scawfell and Blencathra) has another programme on. Helvellyn BBC 4 2100hrs Tuesday 26th January. I'm looking forward to that
10 months ago
Same here really most of the time. Been in Bedfordshire for 15 or so years and can't remember a wetter period. Rivers have burst their banks, houses flooded and roads closed. Fields are sodden.
The one good day we've had in a week was yesterday so thought I'd get out. I find sometimes after really bad weather there can be lots of wildlife about as well. i walked at dawn and dusk and it was fantastic.
Unfortunately a lot of the local area is farmed to within an inch of its life so not ideal for animals but there are some areas with woods, copses, spinneys and hedgerows where there's usually a lot about.
Saw a lot of Redwing too but couldn't get any photos.
The highlight from the day were the hares and don't normally see too many this time of year.
I'd been watching the woodpecker for half an hour or so and I turned around to walk away and a hare was just 100 yards or so away. I think I had been so still for a while that it hadn't even realised I was there. I very slowly raised the camera and managed to get a couple of pics before it suddenly clocked me and sped off.
Really made my day.
10 months ago
You've been spoiled with a walk like that :) I have hardly left the house this week, it's been rain, rain, and more rain. It's looking more like snow today, I am hoping to get out and about later.
10 months ago
Walk out yesterday as the light was fading and was treated to seeing a fox in the distant, Muntjac deer, hares and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. Lots of owls about too but too dark to really see them.
10 months ago

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