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1. What will be our final league position.
2. Which players will Beech keep and let go at the end of the season.
3. Which players would you keep and let go for next season.
4. Which current players have the most value if they were sold this summer and what cost.
5. How many players do we need to bring in and what position
6. Which player earns the most coin
7. Which player earns the least
8. Whats the biggest or one thing you would change for next season.
9. Best academy prospect.
10. Will our budget be up or down next year.
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I think question 9 should be changed to 'including academy prospects, what player do you think will go on to play at the highest level' I say that as I feel the 1st team are so young as well....
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1 3rd
2 Let go - Furman, Bennett
3 See 2 for letting go. Sign Zanzala, Scott and Feeney
4 Hayden, Guy, Riley all worth more than £250K
5 An experienced Central Midfielder
6 Guy
7 Scott
8 An owner/board with money & vision
9 Goalkeeper Gabriel Breeze & Striker Sam Fishburn
10 Down
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