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  3. 21-02-2021 18:06
Told Prawncrackerhead this one and before anyone says, my mate wasn't trying to kill folk as it was before covid.

My mate works in Carlisle and where he serves they have a 'hot counter' and he loves the minced beef and carrot pies and they sell out quite quickly so he bought one, bagged it up leaving it in the hot counter to keep warm for when he went home at two, his oppo comes in at one for an hour changeover thing, says that he is an oldish bloke who is at that stage in life where we will all reach where we think that we know best, decent bloke and all that, so he tells him whatever he does do not sell that pie in the counter, it is paid for and mine for when I go home and I like them hot, so his oppo takes over serving whilst my pal does other tasks, constantly keeping an eye on his pie 'just in case' but then he had to go out the back for five minutes and when he came back the pie had gone, all flustered he asks his oppo what happened to his pie and he said with a smile 'don't worry you don't go home till two so I sold that pie and put you a cold one in but it will be hot by the time that you go home' to which my mate told his own story, he said it was about half ten in the morning and nobody had been in for about twenty minutes and he was bored and hungry so he bought the said pie, when he took a bite out of it however there was a plume of steam escaped and molten gravy spewed out of it onto his lip burning him, he said that he let out a howl and spat the mouthful back into the bag throwing the pie in there with it, he wrapped the bag back up and put it in the hot counter to take home later, to this his oppo changed colour pleading with him to tell him that he was joking and the story was not true, so the builder/scaffolder that he sold it to could have been driving along, gets out his pie and realises that not only had some cheeky sod taken a bite out of his pie they even had the audacity to spit it back into the bag as well!! So this old bloke spent the afternoon shitting himself thinking that he would be having some confrontation with the bloke that he sold it to, my mate then said that whilst he was bored and nobody had 'driven' onto the forecourt, after he had taken the bite he looked to his left and there was a woman who had walked over and she was standing just a few feet away staring at him through the window, she had seen the whole episode and instead of going into the shop she turned the other way and scarpered, probably to tell all of her friends not to go into the shop because 'you will never guess what the bloke in there does with the food whilst he thinks that nobody is watching him'.

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