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  3. 10-10-2020 21:34
Jon Colman will be discussing his latest book - "Bolts from the Blues" - the goals that mattered for Carlisle United on Tuesday 13th October at 8.00pm . Some of those "Bolts" will be there - Malcom Poskett, Chris Billy and Francois Zoko will be talking about their goals. You can add why you think that your special goals are not there - one of Peter Murphy's at Stoke is missing for me.

On the night you will get a code that you will enable you to order a signed copy of the book with 20% of the proceeds going to the NHS NW Cumbria Covid Appeal. This will be in addition to Jon Colman's share that is already going to the cause every one his books sold

Hosted by the London Branch you can register here (we are a bit new to major online events) We have a limit of 100 on our professional zoom account hence the reason to get you to register.

We would love to see as many Carlisle fans there as possible - not just for us but for Jon who every Carlisle fan surely rates.

And yes we probably will email you exiles afterwards about joining the London Branch (after all we have members from Texas to Hong Kong, Cornwall to Dundee but there will be an option to tell us to [censored] off but if you are interested you can learn more here

Also I would appreciate some one to tell me how make those click throughs rather than text that you have to put into your browser.

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Registered - looking forward to it.
  1. 10-10-2020 21:56
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Thanks to all involved in this. Really good night.
  1. 13-10-2020 22:13
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Thanks NCF

I really enjoyed it and amazed how well the tech went as it was the most we have had on an event and we only started zoom sessions a few weeks ago. Jon Colman is a great guy with loads of knowledge. It was also brilliant to chat with Derek Asamoah, Chris Billy and Francois Zoko about their Bolts from the Blues. I never knew that Francois mate told him to come to England and he had the choice of Carlisle or Charlton and thought Carlisle would be a bit quieter which he fancied at the time. He now says "its my club". Also first time I have heard that the only interview Chris Billy gave in all his time at the club was one for the programme as related by Andy Hall after Jon had explained he had chosen Chris as his first interview 2 days into his job as a sports journalist - Chris wouldn't say a word.

We hope to be hosting more events open to .all Carlisle fans over the coming months . Watch this space or contact for more info.

  1. 14-10-2020 01:01
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I enjoyed it, a very relaxed evening when I could keep the cat quiet!

On the Chris Billy interview, it only happened at all because Dolly helped out and told him there was a parcel for him at reception, normally when he thought we were looking for an interview he used to sneak out through the away dressing room!
  1. 14-10-2020 08:48
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I really enjoyed the evening.
It was evident that Jon Colman is just one of us – a fan.
And the players who spoke came over as people who have a genuine affinity with the club and an appreciation for the support given by the fans.

Very well done to all those at the London Branch who organised the event.
  1. 14-10-2020 11:27
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