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  3. 14-02-2016 16:02
Far better than the football

Red tarn from low spying how bottled striding edge due to the wind :lol:
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It was a beautiful clear morning I was the only person up there til half way back down. I didn't go to Helvelyn summit, I was in my running trainers and didn't fancy either of the edges to the top despite the nice weather, although there was a bit of snow at the top of swirral edge. After just watching Markredfoxs youtube video i'm glad I didn't!

Striding edge via birkhouse moor yesterday absolutley [censored] freezing first thing but well worth it as apart from us their wasn't another person to be seen B)
Trying out sony z5 camera phone
  1. 27-04-2016 21:27
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Haystacks is probably one on the best walks in the lake district Cumbrianblue cracking views from the top throw in Inominate Tarn and a walk round Buttermere perfect!
Won't be out till after Christmas now but here's my favourite pic of this year taken from the edge of Buttermere looking across to Fleetwith Pike.
  1. 16-12-2016 18:21
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Laffy I don't know how to put this but a mystery Fell walker has been just been in touch can you hang on for five to ten days for a decision on our potential Fell walk as I have to listen to their offer.
Sorry about this
  1. 22-01-2017 21:10
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Lake District 4 passes Challenge.
As tough an event as I've ever done 19 miles with 4 high level Lake District passes to negate Styhead, Black Sail, Scarth Gap and Honister being a Brutal finale.
A superb well organised event will be back next year.
A few shots on one of many breather stops :-D
  1. 30-09-2019 18:35
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Not sure if its been mentioned on here or not (too lazy to read through every thread) but did Murton Pike today near Appleby with my daughter, must have been 30 years since I last went up there, went up this morning in the sunshine but clouded over as we were descending, fantastic views up the Eden Valley, going to do High Cup Nick next week.
You just forget what a beautiful County we live in!!

Murton Pike, Roman Fell and High Cup Nick are great, I love the Pennines, they are my locals. Can't do the walking I used to do now but see them all from my kitchen window and the view is never the same for more than 15 minutes.

I scattered my husbands ashes on the fell behind Murton Pike, the one that has the radar station at the top. The view from there, particularly in the early morning is very special, with the Eden Valley laid out before you, wonderful.
  1. 13-08-2018 12:25
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Another brilliant day to be out and about put in 11 mile today glenridding to lantys tarn then up the grisdale valley to the tarn there ran up to the dolly waggon pike summit :lol: took a couple of more summits in before getting to helvellyn trigg point decended by lower man and whiteside via greenside mine B)
  1. 28-02-2016 18:18
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Driving down to walk Dove Crag this morning had to stop a take this pic of Ullswater.
  1. 13-11-2016 17:13
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Blencathra today.
  1. 20-01-2018 22:14
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A nice little round this morning, up Carrock Fell from Stone Ends Farm, along the broad ridge to High Pike, back down following the good track along Carrock Beck, finishing off with a lunchtime pint of Dizzy Blonde and a bowl of chips in the Mill Inn, Mungrisedale.
  1. 17-09-2018 19:51
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Nice day on the fells last week, from Glen Coe up Am Bodach onto Meall Dearg (Munro), along the Aonach Eagach (hmmm, interesting little passage) to Sgorr Nam Fiannaidh (Munro). Dropped down to the Clachaig Inn for a beer which doubled as a thirst quencher and nerve calmer.

Me mate took this photo, note the rucked area on the seat of the trousers, perhaps indicating a tightening of the sphincter.

The 2 mile walk along the A82 back to the car felt like the most tricky part of the day.
  1. 27-07-2019 11:18
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A few years have passed since last I trod on Helvellyns fair slopes, today was the day to re-make the acquaintance.

An unpopulated Striding Edge - heaven.
  1. 30-09-2019 21:30
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On a Hogmanay holiday on the Isle of Arran, a couple of days ago when sober and able to walk fairly straight, an ascent of Goatfell to work up a thirst for the upcoming celebrations, a beautiful day, quite rare for this time of year in these parts. Did this walk about two and a half years ago, but bit to [censored] by midges, no problem this time.

Hopefully not offended Dick Large
  1. 02-01-2020 22:30
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A hike up the Scarf
  1. 10-01-2020 20:40
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I`m pleased I managed a few hillwalks in the brief weather windows between the turn of the year and the recent lockdown, looks like the hills will be out of bounds for some time, unless you`re fortunate enough to live in the Lake District and have a hill at the bottom of the garden.

Anyway a few photos.

Always a pleasure to visit Helvellyn.

A great day out, from Glen Nevis up onto the Mamores.

A couple of days visit to Glen Shiel and mounting the Sisters, oh yes!!!

Back to the beautiful Lakes, and a walk over Robinson and Dale Head.

And possibly my last hillwalk for some time, last Saturday from Threlkeld over Clough Head and Great Dodd.

Gonna need a haircut soon, maybe some carrots and sugar lumps as well.
  1. 28-03-2020 18:18
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People should not be out on the fells at the moment.
Every single Mountain Rescue Team in the Lake District is almost pleading with people, locals or otherwise to stay off the fells. If they pickup Coronavirus from somebody who needs rescuing the whole team will have to quarantine and many are doctors, paramedics, teacher etc.
There are lots of lovely places to walk about but you are especially blessed in Cumbria. You needn't get up in the higher places at all.There are plenty of cracking walks through the fields, meadows and back lanes all over the county.
And camping? It just beggars belief.
  1. 07-02-2021 18:48
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Buttermere this morning and a lovely walk up Haystacks absolutely chocker on way home getting there early is a real bonus.
  1. 15-05-2016 16:36
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Sun Trap B)
  1. 09-04-2017 20:24
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Shortish one yesterday morning a Windy Castle Crag
  1. 25-06-2017 18:11
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Langdale today, Pike Of Blisco, Crinkle Crags and Bowfell followed by Scran and a pint at New Dungeon Ghyll.
  1. 01-07-2017 22:04
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Nice Day on the Fells Yesterday.

Been let out of [strike]the padded cell[/strike] work for a couple of weeks, so the last few days spent hillwalking on the Isle of Arran, tomorrow to Islay to stagger round the distilleries then to Jura to crawl over the Paps, returning to the mainland and heading up to Torridon, perhaps with little excursion into Glen Coe on the way up, for a bit more strolling the hills.

I like Alans` idea of showing some peeve / scran on his posts, so a photo of my and Mrs YB`s well earned drink in the beer garden at the Corrie Hotel after a thirsty descent from Goatfell.
  1. 13-07-2017 21:30
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Jacks Rake on Pavey Ark.
  1. 23-04-2018 19:43
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Chances are that the only way that I will ever get to see these beautiful views are on here or if I ever get rich enough to purchase a helicopter :)

Some of them though I would not be able to do in my youth, no chance.

Sad to here that munchy hope your health improves to be able to do some.
If not you could get up here on a quad bike :P
  1. 20-07-2018 21:12
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Here goes. First time putting photos up. Hope it works! A round of Skiddaw on Friday in the sunshine. What a day it was! Sun set very quickly though and was walking back in darkness across the fields. And you were right about the cold, Alan. After about 30 secs on top of Skiddaw the hat, fleece, gloves and coat came out. Bitter cold.
  1. 30-09-2018 11:39
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Very lucky to get nearly 2 full days out on the fells last week.
Can’t remember being quite so hot for such a long time when out walking. Actually it was a bit too hot for me. Had intended to get up Skiddaw one of the days but just can’t hack the heat.
So instead had a lovely walk in the Northern Fells. Longlands, then onto Meal Fell and then up Great Cockup. Didn’t see a soul all day and sat on the top of Great Cockup and watched the sun set over the Western fells and the Irish Sea. Walked down at 10 still with good light.
Following day seemed even hotter so walked out to Overwater and swam there for an hour or two. It’s a lovely secluded spot, nobody around and swam and watched the farmers go about their business, cutting the meadows back and wrapping the giant balls with black coats.
Walked over to Uldale and Ireby and then up onto Binsey in the evening which in the heat felt like going up Helvellyn. No shelter on the fells at all so sat in the shadow of the cairn for some shade.
Out on the fells in the evenings as the shadows lengthened and the air cooled at this time of year is magic. Skiddaw was ablaze on Thursday night with crimson, red and even purple tints as the sun set and looked almost like Ayers Rock.
Just great to be out and about all day. Butterflies everywhere, wild foxgloves and ferns at seemingly record heights and skylarks all day long for company.
But one thing happened to me which I’ve only ever read about before. Sometimes the Buzzards will follow you as you walk, just keeping an eye on you from hundres of feet above.
But on Thursday, for the first time in 30 odd years of walking I was actually dive bombed by one. I don’t know if anyone else on here has experienced that before but it was genuinely terrifying.
From a good height, it pulled in its wings, stretched out its talons and dropped like a stone at an astonishing speed.
It seemed to be as quick as a Peregrine from where I was and each time it pulled up just 4 or 5 feet above my head. Each time I thought it was going to hit me.
It was a first hand experience of feeling like I was actually being attacked and I was the prey.
I was genuinely very frightened. The speed of the attack and the size of the bird when it gets close to you is something to behold. It felt like a rocket coming towards me.
It happened again the next day but the bird pulled up a good 50 or 60 feet above me so was not a concern.
It was hot and I presumed the chicks had maybe just nested so must have been feeling extra protective.
Anybody else on here ever experienced that? Still suffering from flashbacks!
  1. 01-07-2019 17:47
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Sat morning spent at the very underrated Ennerdale followed up by a lovely scran at the Stanley Calderbridge then a detour drive home through the bonniest place in Cumbria Eskdale followed up by excellent drive over Hardknott and Wrynose passes.

Cumbria at its best.
  1. 15-09-2019 17:18
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A nice day on the fells today, it certainly was, from Threlkeld up Blencathra, a walk down Sharp Edge followed by a walk back up Sharp Edge, back up to the summit then return down to Threlkeld.
  1. 19-09-2019 20:29
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Probably the worst half term week for weather I've experienced in Cumbria for the 25-30 years I've been coming up.
Usually there's a good day here and there in a bad spell but with the wind, rain, hail, sleet, wind, rain, hail and sleet it was tough going out and about.
Such strong winds made it hard to get anywhere near the tops and paths, tracks and fields were sodden.
Still, managed to get out and about in the valleys in the Northern Lakes - Southerndale, Wythop, Dash and Barkbethdale - and onto the lower slopes and foothills of Skiddaw, Sale, Brae Fell, Dodd and Longlands.
Probably didn't get above 500 or 600 ft but still great to be out and about getting blown around with Rooks, Buzzards and Fieldfares for company.
Coming in sodden, frozen and windswept makes you appreciate the woodburner and Loweswater Gold all the more.
Despite the weather an hour or two on the hills can still make you feel like the luckiest man alive.
  1. 24-02-2020 20:41
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Ullswater this morning B)
  1. 17-04-2016 16:07
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Cracking day bite to eat on the bank at scales tarn then up and over sharp edge to blencathra summit B)
Even bad step played ball
  1. 08-05-2016 17:52
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Fabulous pics...ive done all wainwrights, 104 the past..ower old now lol, but......still manage a few lesser fell walks

had 3 days b and b near Torver

never went to sumit...up to bursting quarry..then miners track back down.

keep thread on here :)

Just looking through my photos and I would say you've done every fell on this one.
  1. 03-02-2017 21:31
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We had had our annual week in the lakes this week gone and with the forecast for the week indicating Monday would be the best day of the week I took the decision to climb the Magnificient 7. I deliberately chose not to attend Carlisle v Stevenage. I guess that highlights my frustration at the current debacle.

Anyway it was a wonderful day. Started at Torver. Climbed Dow Crag via the South Rake. Great scramble. Finished in the Sun Hotel. Some great pints.

My wife always takes the children for a day to allow me to do a 'big' walk. Got some great walks in with them as well.

If your interested.... pics links below.

Coniston Magnificent 7

Family Loughrigg/Hallin
  1. 23-04-2017 20:07
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Taking in a few different off main path routes up fells atm this one from Grisdale Valley to Dollywaggon Pike (Peak in Centre of Pic)
Ideal if you like a bit of solitude B)
  1. 09-06-2017 19:17
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Winter is here B)
  1. 28-11-2017 19:19
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Are those traffic cones from Port Vale.
  1. 04-05-2018 17:07
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Borrowdale doing Glaramara from Rosthwaite up Langstrath Beck and some great scrambling on Cam Crag. :cool:

Still a few remains of the beast from the East.;)
  1. 07-05-2018 19:05
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Sacked work off today and headed for Grasmoor to have a go at Grasmoor End looked impossible on the approach turned out to be a superb scramble B)
Crummock Water was like a mirror too stunning stuff.
  1. 25-06-2018 22:17
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I hope all of you on here who live in Cumbria appreciate just how lucky you are. Drove into the county tonight on the A66. Was like the middle of winter driving past Stainmore on that high bit and even had the fog lights on. Yet, passing Blencathra could see Newlands and Borrowdale looking stunning with the last of the sun and the clouds hugging and drifting across the hills.
Whoever has that banner at games that says to be born Cumbrian is to win the lottery is not far off.
Makes you feel good to be alive.

Get yourself moved up here ncf,you know it makes sense. :)

Me `n` the Mrs soon moving back, new home near Carlisle nearly sorted, notice put in at work.
  1. 29-07-2018 21:02
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Site Admin
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Bloke in sunglass and dodgy hat taking photos in toilet block. Hmm... :woohoo:
  1. 12-08-2018 18:37
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Barf :cool::cool:
This is what you get if you ask to join me for a hike my Suffolk based sister Inlaw tagged along with me on Sunday they were camping at Braithwaite so Barf it was :lol: Im now barred from taking her out as she's never shut up about it since B)
Nice food and a pint of Corby Blonde in Coledale Inn after too.
Superb but challenging walk too avoid in poor weather.
  1. 24-09-2018 18:29
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Blencathra following Doddick Gill as demanding a hike as I've done over 3 hrs to cover under 2 miles AW's description sums it you to a T.
The last shot gives you a bit of idea of the scale of the hike I now hate Heather btw.
  1. 11-10-2018 18:35
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An early start for a walk over Skiddaw and back in time to catch the match at BP, good day all round. hosting
  1. 19-01-2019 21:14
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Last throws of winter in the Lake District on Saturday almost t shirt weather lower down but this shot from the top of Central Gully proves Great End refusing to let go just yet .
  1. 28-02-2019 20:58
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Here you go a nice 5.6 mile Saturday morning hike
Borrowdale and my 4th crack at Custs Gully defeat is now conceded got within a few feet of chock stone looked back seen what looked like looking down from the top of a ski jump and my arse went :D
Way way too risky i wont going back.
Beautiful morning on the way there and back though no place better if the weather is like this .
  1. 07-04-2019 18:35
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Spring time Great Gable

  1. 14-04-2019 16:31
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Crackin` walk today, the quiet hills above the eastern shore of Ullswater from Howtown, Steel Knotts, Wether Hill, Loadpot Hill and Bonscale Pike.
  1. 28-04-2019 21:45
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Cracking run today, recce for the Lakeland 50 in July. 28 mile from Pooley Bridge to Howtown, up Fusedale, dropped down to Mardale, along the lake, up to Kentmere then across to Ambleside.

For once I enjoyed it, views of Ullswater from the top of Fusedale and view of Mardale on the descent were quality. Great day spoilt by the play-off final in the Ambleside Tavern!
  1. 26-05-2019 18:46
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Just back from half term week up in the Lakes.
Had a couple of lovely, quiet walks in the Northern Fells.
Just off the Caldbeck moor road and must only be 20-25 minutes from Carlisle. Walks from Greenhead and Fellside up onto Brae Fell, Great Scafell, Little Scafell, Meal Fell and Great Cockup.
Not as exciting and rugged as other areas and but perfect if you want to wander in undisturbed peace.
The hawthorn blossom was stunning the last week and many walks had an accompanying soundtrack of cuckoo, curlew and skylark.
I hope heaven has something to compare.
  1. 03-06-2019 21:54
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Had a week staying at Ghyll Bank Cottage in New lands last week. Rained every day but still heavenly. As Sunday was a nice day, went back there and did Coledale horseshoe, Causey Pike to Grisedale Pike! Wonderful.
  1. 10-09-2019 08:51
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Long walk in the Howgills on Saturday, fine day but very windy on the tops. uploader
  1. 18-09-2019 19:03
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Derwent Island Costa del Keswick.
  1. 23-09-2019 07:21
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