Tuesday, 11 January 2022
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Crawley also in good form. Could be the toughest game for a while.

Carlisle 2 Crawley 2

Mellish Patrick - Nadesan Nichols

Att. 3838 (99 Crawley fans)
6 months ago
Crawley at home. An odd team, they seemed to come from nowhere, then unlike others such as Rushden or Maidstone stuck around. A bit like a one-night stand that never went away.

This will be a good test of our progress, but confidence will be high. Bradford seem to be a team of talented highly paid individuals where the sum has less value than the individual parts, Crawley seem to be the opposite, average on paper but outperform on the pitch. Of their last 6 away games they have won 4 and drawn 1, the solitary defeat coming at Scunthorpe. On Saturday they won at Northampton 1 0, 1 shot on target to Northampton’s 17!
On the pitch their goalkeeper is 38 year old Glen Morris, who our expert summarisers tell us every year is not tall enough for D4. Over 400 league games.
Crawley play a back 3. The right sided defender is Ludwig Francillette. Young defender with the best stats in the team, looks a good prospect.
Right side is Joel Lynch from Sunderland. 34 years old so more tricks in his bag than Paul Daniels.
The pin in the centre is 36 year old Tony Craig.

Midfield has 4 players whose cvs all read Premier team u23, Vauxhall conference, Crawley. None look spectacular, Francomb has been around a while. Crawley have brough in a new lad this week on loan from Southampton, Watts.
Up front they have a couple of recognisable names. Tom Nicholls who played against us several times for Exeter, never having a bad game. The apex of the attack Ashley Nadesan who really should be playing at a higher level.

Crawley play all 11 behind the ball, attack on the counter. Feeney to force Nadesan wide. Whelan to sit on Nicholls. Gibson to run at Lynch to draw an early yellow card. Brennan to hug the touchline where their wing back should stand, drawing Francillette out of position. 2 1 to the blues, ball pinging round their box will suit the new lad and Mellish, we can win this.

6 months ago
Stop Tom Nicholls and you stop Crawley. They’re lightweight and a perennial home team, away from home if they’ll struggle if the oppositions midfield plays the physical game. All set up for Mellish to steamroller them in the middle, if not then they’ll just pass it around us. Defend deep and don’t allow Nadesan to dominate the channels. Omotoye needs to pull Craig all over the place until he’s knackered.
6 months ago
Agree with above, sounds like pace is the key to unlocking their defence.

Does KM start Patrick or stick with a winning side? Good problem to have for a change.

Can’t see many goals, either 1-0 or 1-1.
6 months ago
Carlisle 2 Crawley 1

McDonald (Header from 75 yards after a goal kick), Dickenson (Piglet sticking two fingers up at him from Vancouver)

att 3941
6 months ago
And Piglet slagging off the fans for not turning up at at 4:45 tomorrow afternoon (all the way from Vancouver)……
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