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on Saturday.

I know it’s early on in the season but it would be better with a change now than leaving it too late and another season is wasted.
2 days ago
The trouble is they wouldn't replace him with anyone better, because they don't want someone pushing for investment and anyone better wouldn't touch us with a barge pole

Interview Panel: "Do you mind us actively trying to sell your best players at a moment's notice and running all football decisions through a bloke who worked for a village football team?"
Inexperienced Newbie: "No, no! Anything! Please!"
Grizzled Pro: "What? Get [censored]!"
2 days ago
I understand the constraints that Beech is working under and my expectations for this season weren't high.

However, as discussed elsewhere, I do think he is open to justifiable criticism on the issue of the players he and Holdsworth have recruited not being suited to the long ball approach he seems to favour.

When you have limited resources, as a manager you have to get the best out of them.

At present Beech isn't getting the best out of the players we have, or he signed the wrong players, or both.

He will come under increasing pressure unless he resolves this in the next few weeks.

He either needs to insist on getting a Derek Holmes style target man in if we're going to continue to hoof it, or he needs to adapt our style of play to a manner that suits the likes of Clough and Young.
2 days ago
Just wondering if at the football forum or any other format has beech commented on his favoured style of play (sure no other team will gain from such a disclosure as they can see in the pitch).
If not has he been asked how he would like to see his team play?
2 days ago
should be but won't be. Surely we can't lose to that tripe.
2 days ago
A manager staying or going shouldn’t depend on one result.

The overall performances of the team this season and the lack of getting the best use out of the players we have, lead me to believe a change is needed now regardless of whether we win or lose on Saturday.

It would take more than a win against Scunthorpe to change my view on that. Unless I see a consistent level of improvement over the next 5-10 games in terms of chances created, conceding fewer chances against, getting on top of opposition in games, then I won’t change my view on that. We have to see improvements, patterns of play, signs that the team is beginning to click. So far in the 7 games I haven’t seen that. In fact you could argue that our last 3 performances have been worse than our first 4, so if anything I’ve seen regression not progression. As for the home games that I’ve watched closer, even though we haven’t lost one yet, I still don’t see signs that our home form will hit the heights of this time last season.

So for me I think we need to change the manager (or head coach if you want) irrespective of the outcome of Saturdays match.
2 days ago
should be but won't be. Surely we can't lose to that tripe.

Nailed on Away Win now! :)
2 days ago
I’m beginning to lose patience with him myself but it’s all irrelevant as don’t think we actually know the criteria the board are judging his performance on.

My guess would be ‘don’t get relegated and turn a tidy transfer profit’. If so he’s well on course to earn his end of year bonus of his weight in pioneer sausages

Fan satisfaction likely to be well down the list of priorities
2 days ago
Losing arguably last season’s best defender the day before the season started alongside 5 other key players surely dampens expectations and can’t have done anything for the existing players morale.

At the end of last season I was very optimistic for this season however losing Farman, Patrick, Zanzala, Kayode, Hayden and Tanner and unfortunately (I would guess wages being the factor) we have nowhere near replaced any of them.

Its OK saying he should get players in but we obviously aren’t paying the money and you just can’t replace the above without paying decent League 2 wages.

The team we have are miles off last years i.m.o. but we also didn’t start great last year and I do think we have seen some positive glimpses but mid table is my expectation with this team and probably producing another couple of saleable assets as we go through the season.
2 days ago
We’ve been decidedly average so far, and both our results and our league position demonstrate that reality.

But calling for his head at this point? Really?
2 days ago
Too early.
Just had a quick look at the table and see Orient are in the top 3 and they were shite against us.
In most games I have seen we have not been that bad.
The lowlights of the season so far are what were, by all accounts, poor showings against Crawley and Hartlepool , however they were still away defeats by 1 goal.
I take the point about ascking managers when the season is already over, but I think sacking managers after a couple of crap results is no way to treat people and I'm glad we are not that kind of club.
If we struggle and lose touch with the play offs , the natives will get restless and a change will then be inevitable as we get into the new year.
I doubt it would feel terribly harsh all round if it got to that stage given that not many managers last more than a couple of seasons. It is par for the course.
2 days ago
Beech hasn't done himself Amy favours with the style of play and he's certainly not getting the best out of the players he's brought in, particularly Clough and Young.

The ball needs to be to their feet for them to make an impact. We never seem to cut the opposition defence open through the middle with the ball on the floor.

However, he's had the rug pulled from under his feet with regards to players leaving. Tanner I can understand and to a certain extent Hayden but when the likes of Farman and Zanzala are leaving to go to Barrow cause they're offering better wages then what do you expect? Zanzala was settling well and could have scored quite a few for us this season.

If anyone should be feeling the wrath of our support then it's those in charge. They are the common denominator in our general shitness over the last 15 or so years.

Sack the board.
1 day ago
"Farman and Zanzala are leaving to go to Barrow cause they're offering better wages then what do you expect? Zanzala was settling well and could have scored quite a few for us this season."

If our management team had wanted to keep Zanzala and Farman then they would have done there best to do so, the board would have made sure of that. Like everything else in life you have to budget the playing staff so you can get in the players you want.
Clough I have no doubt is on decent money, Beech wanted him, so you have to judge him on his decision, whether it works on not is a matter of opinion, which will unfold over time. But to say "he (Zanzala) could have scored quite a few for us this season" is quite ridiculous, he looked OK but in my opinion he never pulled up any trees, and anyway how do you know 'he could have scored quite a few this season'? On the other hand he might score diddly squat, and then you and a whole host of other know it all's on here would be saying "what the bloody hell was Beech playing at keeping Zanzala"
All a matter of opinions of course.
1 day ago
Why cant people have a different opinion to you without being 'ridiculous' or a 'know it all'?
Absolutely hate that.
1 day ago
Why cant people have a different opinion to you without being 'ridiculous' or a 'know it all'?
Absolutely hate that.

Yes that's exactly what I was doing, 'having a different opinion'.
1 day ago
So why does someone who has an opinion different to you're get classed as a 'know it all'?
That sounds to me like people are not entitled to hold a different opinion to you, without it reflecting on their moral character, in your mind?
1 day ago
When Zoko was here he was going to leave to join Preston. He derided CUs offer, not good enough for him. Preston fell through, and he ended up going to Notts C on a deal that was, allegedly, no better than CUs. He went to Notts rather than stay with us because he didn't want to come back with his tail between his legs. I suspect there was an element of that with Zanzala, that and the travelling.
With Farman we had 2 goalkeepers, we needed 1. Farman was out of contract so no brainer.
1 day ago
The league tables starting to take shape and it’s no surprise Scunthorpe are down the bottom - awful side!

Oldham have some good players for this level but with their dodgy chairmen and refusing to pay players it’s no wonder they are bottom. I’m sure it’ll be the last we hear from Curle managing in the football league - it was a desperate job to take.

So we should beat them, would I sack Beech? - not yet but he won’t have long left.
1 day ago
We have played only 7 of 46 league games so far. Get a grip people.
Beech won't go even if Scunthorpe win 6 nil I heard tanner was sold behind his back not good if true
1 day ago
As a manager at this level, you're more often than not at this level because you're not that good (in terms of league football at least)

Beech isn't the worst, he's far from the best either but unless he's getting us shanked 3/4/5 -0 every week his position won't be questioned by the board.
Many of us asked who he was when he was appointed, the immediate reaction to finding out who was one of 'he'll be out of his depth' and we all hoped we were wrong but time hasn't done much to change that opinion for me.

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
What baffles me is how someone can keep watching games and not see the glaring mistakes with the way they play...and continue to do nothing about it
(that applies to football style as well as when it's all going wrong and he changes absolutely nothing until the 85th minute)

He won't go after Saturday, he clearly thinks he's doing a decent job, the board are satisfied we're not in immediate danger.
1 day ago
If the crowds fall away badly the board would think again about his position.
1 day ago
Beech has shown himself to be a bang average manager for League 2, at times clueless about how to change our fortunes on the pitch.

He has recruited some decent players at this level and losing Hayden was inept.

What I, and a great many other fans would like to see, is Jenks and his cronies on their way out of Brunton Park.

How many years have we put up with mis-management, lack of investment and any money coming in swallowed up to pay for their continuing shortcomings.

We need a new broom...
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