Tuesday, 24 May 2022
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From the Telegraph

Perhaps it can. But surely not at KPMG itself. After all, KPMG is one of the world’s biggest accounting firms. It provides advice on wealth management to very rich people, and helps them with their taxes. So if you’re the sort of person who gets upset when confronted by evidence of other people’s superior wealth, you wouldn’t apply to work at KPMG in the first place. It would be like Morrissey applying to work at McDonald’s.
1 month ago
The worlds gone mad.
Former world boxing champion Glenn McCrory has been charged with threatening and abusive behaviour.
His alleged crime is to have addressed two teenage waitresses as 'pet'.
1 month ago
I'd only use the term "pet" in retaliation to when people in the Potteries called me "duck".
1 month ago
I'd only use the term "pet" in retaliation to when people in the Potteries called me "[censored]".

Like water off a ducks back I'd say :D
1 month ago
Watch Ricky Gervais on Netflix destroying woke
1 month ago
Its just bullshit. Firstly it deflects from the real news, that eat or heat is a real thing, 2 years to get mental health appointments, the largest drop in living standards since the 50s. Having people who identify as giraffes in the papers just keeps leeches who sue the NHS like Branson in the dark. The people stealing our money aren't affected by these topics.

Secondly, its a means to instigate censorship. We must deplatform people who promote white supremacism, anti trans agendas, its evil. But let's also use that to get rid of people who want to have an evidence based discussion on whether lockdowns were an unqualified disaster, vaccines don't work and Ukraine. Every single form of inequality is reduced by education, anyone seen an increase in spending on that anywhere?

A report on wokism in the US
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