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Now the GE is done and dusted, and with MP’s returning to Parliament today to begin being sworn in, we’ve locked the GE Thread last night, and you can now use this one for any Westminster related stuff.

Anything Brexit related will be moved to the ongoing Brexit Thread!

If you are quoting, please add a link to back it up. Post without and the quote may be removed.


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Oh. If only you’d asked that hundreds of [censored] times before.
This isnt the CUSG thread.
Bore off.
  1. 06-02-2020 17:44
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Wouldn’t it be good if everyone started to take more responsibility for their own actions? By and large I’m a firm believer that you end up in life where you deserve to end up.

For those who unfortunately have been unable to influence their life the way they had hoped there is the safety net of the welfare state. Unfortunately this was hijacked by the bone-idle a long time ago and is being abused into bankruptcy.
  1. 17-12-2019 19:29
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Not defending Cummings, don’t think he should’ve travelled, but the selective hounding by the Media is on another level!

Prince Charles travelled twice as far to Balmoral and there was hardly a peep!


But did he drive?

I just can't get my head round, that he or anyone can find it acceptable he chose to drive for five hours with his wife and child in the car when he thought he might be going down with Covid19.

A car is the most dangerous thing most folk own. He thought he might be coming down with a disease whose symtoms include uncontrollable coughing and very high temperatures, to the point of delerious. Yet he got into his car and drove!!

Then before going back to London, worried about his eyesight, he didn't try reading a book,or looking out of the house window for a while, he got into a car and drove. And this was his mitigation speech!!

It beggers belief.

I don't care what party he belongs to. My personal opinion is there isn't a party or a politician who isn't working for anyone except themselves. I view them all with equal mistrust.

But a clown, who is supposed to be very bright, who makes excuses and digs holes big enough to drive a lorry through, from whichever party just makes me shake my head and mistrust the folk running the country even more.
  1. 26-05-2020 17:34
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I tend to agree with what Franks been saying on this subject a lot.

People have to realise there’s no easy fix in life and there’s no easy way out. Too many people expect things on a plate and it doesn’t happen like that.

I had a gambling addiction, through no fault but my own (yes they were influences) but no one held a gun to my head and told me to do it. I was 24 in 18k worth of debt, the only person to sort out the situation was myself and I worked bloody hard to sort out my addiction and pay off the debt without help from anyone and I’m bloody chuffed I did.

But it makes me sick those that expect everything, won’t work, won’t help themselves want want want - you’ve got to work hard for it!

Franks right again that the people suffering are those in genuine need the disabled, widowed and children in poverty IE people in situation through no fault of their own.
  1. 18-12-2019 18:23
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It wouldn't matter how high the minimum wage and/or universal credit limit were raised to, there will always be a percentage of the population who claim they can't manage on what they get, be it not being able to afford the latest IPhone, Sky package or whatever. And, as has been explained on here countless times before, if these are increased it will cause a ripple effect where everybody will (with justification) want more, until the businesses they work for become unviable.
It is this feeling of entitlement that gets me - he/she has that, why shouldn't I.
Maybe dig a bit deeper, and see the sacrifices these people have made, whether it is through education, hard graft, making the right decisions, luck or more likely a combination of these. It is basically about taking responsibility for their futures and not waiting for someone to do it for them.
  1. 17-12-2019 11:02
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You're right again NS - 20 years ago they were no food banks but things were much worse income-wise.

I volunteered for a week(yes you can't really take a fair balance in a year) in a food bank, you can't really judge in only a wekk, but we only had 1 genuine customer, the other 2 were providing fake referals.

It was a while ago and i don't know how the referal system works now but i'm now against food banks and think people are taking advantage of them. if people know its there they aren't going to help themselves. Its like giving a gambling addict money after the've lost it each time.
  1. 18-12-2019 15:37
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It’s a reply from someone who’s sick to death of hearing how badly done to people are in life whilst totally ignoring the fact they’ve [censored] their life up all by themselves.

Nobody seems to take responsibility anymore - reckless spending, not prioritising, making stupid decisions, generally being irresponsible - then when it all goes tits-up it’s someone else’s fault, usually the government. They think society owes them something. If you want anything in life go and earn it rather than demanding it.

I genuinely feel for the people who the welfare state was set up to protect; the disabled, the infirm, the unfortunate. Their ‘safety net’ has been hijacked by the dossers, those who can’t be arsed to contribute, the bone-idle. In an effort to combat this trend genuine people inevitably get caught up in the crossfire, the authorities shouldn’t be chastised for this, the hijackers should.

Unfortunately it’s now a career choice to be on benefits and as future generations see their parents choosing this path they won’t know any better and the trend continues.
  1. 18-12-2019 17:53
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You’re stealing jobs with your multiple employments-shame on you Marko!

I was involved with Raven Russia-building sheds and offices around the big cities.Come across them?

FAO Moderators. Laffy lowers the tone again. Please move this to Lanes Bogs thread.
  1. 19-12-2019 19:45
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Diane Abbott gets pilloried for making a maths error on TV.

No, Diane Abbot gets pilloried for being proving she's a clueless about <insert topic she's pontificating on> each and every time she opens her mush.
  1. 04-04-2020 14:29
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  1. 06-05-2020 10:48
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Personally, in the grand scheme of things, I`m not that fussed that Dominic Cummings had a bimble up to Barnard Castle or wherever to sort something out for his family, I wasn`t really bothered when it was reported that Dr Neil Ferguson had organised some nooky sessions and I didn`t tut-tut when Cathererine Calderwood, the ex Scottish Health Secretary was found to be visiting her second home.

My neighbours either side are lovely people, one side is an old body who throughout the lockdown has had her son and grandkids visiting her, similarly on the other side a man on his own has had visits from his Daughter and her kids and he has visited his elderly mam. Would I grass `em up - No, do I condemn their actions - No. When the lockdown was announced I knew the vast majority of folk would comply with the restrictions, but there would always be some, from all walks of life, who would try to carry on with some degree of normality.

For the record, me `n` the missus have, by and large, I think, complied with the lockdown guidelines, did these folk do wrong, I wouldn`t like to judge, I don`t know what goes on in their lives and what factors influence their decisions.
  1. 26-05-2020 07:21
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Perhaps if we made prisons miserable degrading places, where life is hell, they wouldn't be so keen to go, and even less likely to go back.
  1. 16-01-2020 16:20
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I've never been a particular fan of Stevenson as our MP, but a lot of the posts here are just flotsam and jetsam.

The fact is that there has been a systematic shift away from Labour in Carlisle and across the North, the Midland, Wales and beyond.

Complaining about Stevenson's lack of tweets about the floods, (and yes I was flooded in 2005), or what Boris's plans are for the BBC, which has lost 35% of its audience in just six years, is not going to revive a moribund Labour Party.

There needs to be a fundamental rethink as to what sort of party Labour wants to be. The party whose members vandalise phone boxes and walls along Wigton Road with 'VOTE LABOUR' and 'JC4PM', that thinks that deporting foreign criminals is wrong and wants Shamima Begun brought back to the UK is never going to win a General Election.

The new Labour leader, whoever it may be, needs to clear out the Momentum rabble, the Trotskyites and the Social Justice Warriors before it even has a sniff of a chance of electoral success.
  1. 18-02-2020 01:35
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A bunch of very rich people control the media and feed the populace a long stream of stories about how the problems of the country are due to the EU, Muslims or whoever while they systematically take the resources of the country, move them offshore and strengthen the legal system that allows them to do that. They buy and sell politicians as part as the process. Which is why we have a mistress beating, fridge hiding idiot in charge of us now.

The Labour Party will now seek corporate sponsorship, so we will get the situation they have in the US. Where there is the illusion of democracy but on all major issues the 2 main parties agree and key debates are around such peripheral issues as whether transexuals should serve in the army.

We have seen in the last 10 years the performance of all areas of public service decline. Despite that the populace turned out en masse to vote for Johnson which shows how easy it is to construct a believable illusion. That process of societal decline will continue until we have thousands without running water, literacy, access to medical services etc as they have in the US. That of course will be better than having an anti-Semite, terrorist supporter or whatever falsehood has been woven. Welcome to the future
  1. 04-04-2020 11:40
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  1. 04-04-2020 13:08
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Abbott gets away with it because we have been groomed over the years to accept she is totally and utterly useless-she’s made being rubbish acceptable and mainstream.Lammy is a loud mouthed clown who plays in his colour.If he was white, he would be an overseer in a plantation.

I often wonder why Starmer is in the Labour Party-he’s a natural liberal but maybe someone threatened to shoot his Labrador too.

Still-let’s give him time to settle into the asylum.

What a pity we couldn’t get Alan Johnson back-now he was a socialist even I would vote for.
  1. 04-04-2020 13:41
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To most people I don’t think it makes much odds in the grand scheme of things what Dominic Cummings did or didn’t do.

But the way it’s been handled and that press briefing yesterday was ridiculous.

People will forgive a lot of things but one thing that nobody likes is being made a mug of. Whether it’s by your employer, your football club or by the government.
  1. 25-05-2020 06:14
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Alan, Alan, Alan... So out of the polls either side of the one you posted we have the following.

Isn’t it amazing that out of all the polls available on that specific twitter page, you decide to post the one which fits your narrative instead of the majority of the posts which seem to be far more damming to the Tories and Boris than the one you decided to use.

Alan, I’m afraid your as bad as laffy. FAKE NEWS!! Just give in you sad tube.
  1. 03-06-2020 00:26
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Surely with it being a busy shipping lane it’ll end up like a massive game of frogger. Sooner or later they’ll get sunk by a passing tanker or Russian submarine. Everyone’s a winner. Could even make sections of channel and play a live game of battleships v the French. Losers have to take any survivors.
  1. 09-09-2020 11:29
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What gritty thing has he done recently?
What Brexit will be signed?
What do you think the deal will be?

The only thing gritty is giving contracts to his mates, wasting money and selling out to the EU.

I liked Boris, but come on he hasn’t been gritty he’s been a bloody failure on everything and never accepting responsibility.
  1. 17-11-2020 17:44
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The same top.

I like some socialist views, like looking after the vulnerable etc etc. I can’t support the extreme policies as it’ll create a lazy society.

I like some capalist views as it gives you something to aim for. Too extreme and it looks after the rich and buggers the poor.
  1. 18-11-2020 14:56
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I've just been chatting with my nephew in Sydney. He made the comment "What I like and I've noticed about the Australian Govt is, if something needs doing, they just get on and do it". What do we do? We worry about who the necessary action will upset, then we dither about a bit, then about half of the necessary action is carried out. then we wait for all the bleating to start and wait for the u-turn. This is great Britain! I'm no fan Of Johnson, I think he's a total feckin idiot but, If you seriously think anyone else would have done any different(Note I didn't say Better) you're only fooling yourselves. Whatever our government had of chosen to do would have been picked at and crticised by the opposition and the media. It might have been better if we'd had some sort of coalition government, they would have had no choice but to work together and take any blame together. As it is, we have a society that can't abide by rules that are put in place, and celebrities/govt advisors, social media, keyboard virologists making the issue worse. The govt have to take the blame for introducing such wishy washy and vague rules in the first place but then the plebs start interpreting the rules to suit themselves. The press and opposition are screaming for lockdowns, then when they've got it, they start their feckin whining as to how we need a plan to come out of it? Like I say......this is great Britain and it's fecked!!

Merry feckin Christmas yer filthy animals......
  1. 20-12-2020 12:56
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As Nobby says that's bollocks. Try telling that to those who have ended up disabled through no fault of their own.

I think the clue was in the words 'by and large'

What about those who are bi and large through no fault of their own?
  1. 18-12-2019 09:20
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No, no, no, McClusky is the main puppet-master, way above Jezza. His ideals are stuck in Unionism (not Socialism) and fighting for the down-trodden working class, while dining at the Ivy, swalling champers and allowing the Union to buy his £400,000 property (which he paid back allegedly).

Meanwhile trousering his £150k salary while he drags the Labour Party off into the swamp for the next 10 years.

He's a real man of the people Mr McClunky, (you can tell from the stubble on his face) trouble is, he doesn't know which people.
  1. 28-01-2020 16:40
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When I was a kid growing up people leaving uni went into white-collar jobs. Within a couple of years, they were on the housing ladder, they could afford a Ford Escort and they had the perspective of career growth. Kids who didn't went to factories, more mundane office jobs but got on the council house list, and they still earned enough to have a least one night a week out.
That was underpinned by a Government system that provided decent transport, schools and medical services.

Wages have fallen over 10% since 2010 and 30% for contractors. Tesco till operators are graduates. Kids without degrees are looking at a life of living hand to mouth. Buying a 3 bedroom semi?! The Tories have slashed every Government service and then having promised an end to austerity have just announced further 5% cuts.

We have post after post about the decline at BP but look around you. Mirrored in everything you see. The saddest thing is that the hope and optimism that used to exist has gone. Who on here actually thinks things are going to get better?
  1. 07-02-2020 05:45
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Embarrassing argument gents. Thought we were above this whataboutery ;)
  1. 09-05-2020 17:50
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I think they sang Filthy/Georgeous and i dont feel like dancing.
  1. 10-05-2020 07:13
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I think they sang Filthy/Georgeous and i dont feel like dancing.

If you want a good clearout in the Labour Party wouldn't the Andrews Sisters be the most effective?
  1. 10-05-2020 15:56
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Morning :-)

Impressive.... especially with the huge post Brexit boom to the economy still to follow.

Good time to call a snap General Election?

Why go for a trouncing when total annihilation is only 4 years away.
  1. 15-05-2020 14:17
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Boris may have his qualities, however running the country does not appear to be one of them.
At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious I predict he will not be at the helm by the 31st December.
I'm not sure who will mind!

Are you suggesting he is at the helm now?
  1. 20-05-2020 00:13
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It's pretty interesting. Johnson was the great white hope who was going to lead us through Brexit. Instead, this whole affair - and Brexit - will totally break him. Backbenchers are already starting to grumble and his occasional appearances during the virus briefings reflects very poorly compared to the likes of Sturgeon's daily shows. She's not perfect, but at least gives an impression of real leadership.
  1. 21-05-2020 08:45
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When would you think there'll be an election then? Any time soon? Surely if they are "self destructing" as you suggest, the opposition will be calling for one in the coming weeks? If you were Starmer, would you want an election? bearing in mind the shit show that will no doubt exist after the pandemic is over? Do you believe that the people of this country would put their trust in Labour to straighten the country out after all this?And after we've fully left the EU? Do you think they could turn around the shattering defeat they suffered last time? (I didn't vote for Boris BTW ) Can't see any of the above happening myself....
  1. 23-05-2020 07:36
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Same here Taffy, Socialist at heart, hard to practice in today’s society though.

Socialist policies and Communist policies are two very different things, something many people in the country don’t seem to understand. It’s not like we would all be driving Ladas, steaming on vodka and in love with Suprematism artworks (coming from the man with a huge Kraftwerk concert poster on the wall!!). It would however help to create a level of support that was acceptable for people who have the lower paid or lower hours jobs to at least have a chance of being able to survive without hardship and poverty. They never taught people about savings or mortgages when I was at school. The only reason I opened my 1st bank account in the School foyer was because I got a Mitre footy for free if I deposited £1 there and then, didn’t eat that day but had a new ball for dinner time.

Now... I don’t own a house or have any substantial savings, not lived at home since I was 18, always worked and paid my taxes, currently earn just under £30k a year, live on outskirts of Southampton but at £1000 a month rent for a privately owned shoddy 3 bed ex council house alone (thanks Maggie, this is now the norm just about everywhere) how the hell am I supposed to ever have a hope of saving up to buy a house or ever have anything to get me through retirement? This is all before I even think about Council Tax, Utilities, Car finance, Insurance, Food, Student loan, etc. Don’t have any fancy phones, clothes or tat like that, no takeaways as I was a chef previously so all home cooked costed meals, drive a £7k diesel Renault estate as I do 300 miles a week and it’s economical. I’m not a slacker, I work my arse off. I work 6-7 days a week from March to November and 5 days a week outside of that but because wages have massively stagnated (annual wage same as 10 years ago, I’ve been doing the job for 5 years on May 28th) and the cost of living has rose and rose beyond obtainable levels for the mortal man and his family, it’s all bit overwhelming to be honest.

We have no family available for child care etc. so my Mrs has to work part time between schools hours, testing fags for BAT @ £9 an hour, 3 hours a day. She also does some weekend work for my company which turns into an expenses paid weekend in a hotel, fed and watered, company car etc. which we both love as it’s a weekend away from family life and we’re both getting paid but we try to make them little holidays when possible. The only holiday we’ve ever been on together was to Florida Disney 3 years ago but her dying grandad paid for that, prior to that we’d never been on holiday together and the last one I had before that was in my early teens with my parents.

I am degree educated and I’m very fortunate to have my childhood dream job. After a load of low paid work in bars and pubs in and around Carlisle, I set out at 27 to go to University and managed to bag the job by the end of my 2 year. I genuinely believe that one of the things that get me through the whirlwind that is life today is not having the mental stress of having to get up in the morning and go to some monotonous shitty job in a factory or something like that. For example, people work in Metal Box because the money is good, not because they wake up in the morning with a hard on for making coke cans. The company I work for is in a group of companies owned by a members club. We have no shareholders, just members with a liability. We turn over £15million a year but have a high cost of sales even though we don’t supply a physical product the majority of the time. Majority of profit is used to constantly update equipment and facilities at our 6 sports venues, thus giving our members excellent return on their pretty large investments. The rest is kept in bank for running the business as we have a lot of financial outlay to put down pre season before we pull money back in over the counter on our investments.

My Mrs and I work our arses off but in the current climate, we are just keeping our heads above the water to be honest. That’s without the effects of Covid or Brexit. Once upon a time in this country, a man could go out to work and earn enough to have a family, buy a house and have a quiet peaceful life which if I’m honest is all I really want. Nothing fancy, just not panning your head in every month just to stay afloat. I do live in hope that it will be different when my son is my age.

Being honest, I’m current trying to get a job in Geneva and have been for about 6 months. For the same job I do in this country, I would be paid £100k in Switzerland but it takes on average 2-3 years to get a position in this particular organisation. It pains me to want to leave the U.K. but the grass is far green elsewhere. Just look at Switzerland, ok they have private healthcare but that’s less than 5% of what my annual wage would be and that’s for my whole family. They have a fantastic social housing system, hardly anyone owns property in Switzerland. They have a minimum wage of roughly £2k a month, so say you work in Maccy D’s then your earning good money, enough to survive comfortably on. Being even more honest, I voted leave, mainly because I wanted the U.K. to try and obtain a Switzerland style deal but it’s turned into a race/immigrant/patriotism thing which is unfortunate but that’s that.

I remember being in my early teens in the late 90s when all my mates older siblings were buying houses in their early 20’s and Britain was doing alright, there was a wave of optimism, like there was a bright future for us all. Imagine being 11,12,13 years old these days? Poor buggers not a hope in hell. It’s [censored] hard out there but this isn’t because we are all lazy lay about cretins (Rees Mogg springs to mind) but because there is a massive inequality in the distribution of wealth in this country and others all over the world. I don’t like using the word “ Untermensch” but there is a stench of this wafting it’s way through the right wing as we speak, work the inferior people and all will be good. What a sick outlook on life. Wouldn't be surprised if Kunta Kinte becomes the most popular baby name in the U.K. within a few years. (For all the Tories, that was a joke so wind your necks in advance thanks)

Sorry for the life story but I’m just a lad from Longtown who didn’t fancy being a born there, worked there and died there statistic. Hopefully it will make some of the narrow minded people realise that there are plenty of hard working people out there, putting in a hefty shift, day in and day out but just managing to stay afloat month to month. People’s circumstances are all different but at the ending the day, if basic human needs aren’t being met, something is seriously wrong with the system.
  1. 24-05-2020 00:10
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I thought he was magnificent-he’s a human being that’s been under attack for months by the left wing press.

Well done Dominic-humble but the truth at last

You are insane. Have you ever read his blog? Cameron didn't have the intellectual curiosity to take the country forward. Osborne was superfluous at Cabinet Meetings. Thats why he knew he would win the Brexit vote. A whole list of heads of Civil Service departments who were incompetent. It's the kind of self-important ramblings you read written by someone who opened fire with a machine gun in McDonald's.

Hancock told us to stay home. Arrogant prick decided it wasn't for him

You and I differ in opinions on most things but, that last sentence nails this situation completely. It's the arrogance that is so clearly displayed that makes his position completely untenable.
  1. 25-05-2020 19:00
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I see that dwarf trot Owen Jones is calling for police horses to be removed from the streets, presumably so rioters and anarchists can have a free run at it when shopping for trainers and tellies.

I thought the police were magnificent yesterday in the face of the mob
  1. 07-06-2020 13:29
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Boris loves a game of hide and seek.
This Govt must be the most incompetent Govt in the history of this country.
  1. 20-08-2020 21:20
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Here's some news articles off a quick duckduckgo search

Are all of them wrong to call them illegal too?

The only thing rags like The S*n and The Express ever get right are the date - and even then I'd check them.
  1. 08-09-2020 21:30
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Admit it CCU, you love her.

It is pretty obvious every time you post.

Look at the words you use..."dreamings" "cummings" "screwed".

I reckon Laffy is in first but you'll be hanging around for sloppy seconds.
  1. 11-09-2020 21:50
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I think Alan Johnson would have made a great PM.He’s humble, but bloody smart with a common touch.

As for rubbishing a Tory, where can I start?Plenty to choose from but how about the Tory grandee Patton-he would bore the pants off both of us.

I cannot hide my dislike of Labour.They are irrelevant or rather have made themselves irrelevant.Their reason for being has gone and the rump is left somewhere between being liberal and socialist.The hard left will never change so the Labour Party needs to cast them adrift and remodel itself-but what is the real instinct of a Labour Party?Their position on Brexit was a joke, their position on the pandemic is unclear and I blame them entirely for the recent rise of the SNP in Scotland which could see the Union split.In Wales, they are led by a man who could be an old granny-but totally out of his depth.

Burnham is a bloody chancer-whinging on about Manchester when the city is a major centre for the pandemic whilst the rozzers forget to record 20pc of all crimes.He’s everything I dislike about Labour-sound bites but absolutely unable to add up and incapable of making difficult decisions.

The current Tories are not brilliant but Jesus can you imagine where we would be with Labour?
  1. 18-12-2020 20:31
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This is what I dislike about Britain-get behind the team lads as there is no other option.Ask yourself what you would do?

Richard-the stats in the new virus only came to light on Friday.Not September!!Im sure new viruses occur everyday but you don’t call a lockdown because of it.

They knew there was a new variant and that the infection rates in the same area where through the roof a week before that - Matt Hancock said that himself this morning.

It was proved to be the cause on Friday.

The BMJ and HSJ for only the second time ever did a joint editorial saying the Christmas plans where stupid.

Boris ignored, the sky rocketing infection rate, ignored the BMJ, ignored the HSJ, took the piss out of Stammer for suggesting he should do what he ended up doing.

Maybe, if you want people to "get behind the team" then Boris shouldn't of dealt with Cummings like he did? Maybe, Boris should do something about his Dad, who I believe was caught for the fourth time not wearing a face mask (after previously breaking the rules to holiday in Greece by entering via Bulgaria) last week? Maybe, if you want people to "get behind the team", something should of happened to Tobias Ellwood for going to a Christmas Party?

Or maybe, a little closer to home, if you want other people to "get behind the team", you shouldn't have been going on your own jolly little bike rides in breach of restrictions?
  1. 20-12-2020 14:21
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Re NHS, here's an interesting comment from a social media user:

I"m getting so sick of people saying RIP the NHS. For goodness sake the NHS has been in trouble for years, because it simply can't sustain the level of use. You want to save the NHS? Then educate yourselves, stop going to the GP for stupid reasons, stay out of A&E unless its an actual emergency, start taking responsibility for you health and your families, don't drink and take drugs to such an extent that your organs fail, and stop eating so much you become a health hazard. I'm not saying everyone need to become a doctor, just be a little less ignorant. Start paying for medicine like paracetamol and ibuprofen instead of just having it for free because you can".

All very true in my opinion, however the: "I pay my taxes despite the fact I'm on the dole, and why should I pay for it cause it's free?" mob, will still be up in arms, because they will then have to pay for something!!
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Of course, defining standard of living is hard, Sky, Netflix, XBox etc.

I agree. Which is why it's important to talk about it and see what everyone else has to say so we can work out what we think is a fair minimum for everyone to have. I know that Laffy supports profit sharing schemes and I think he also said he wants people to get a living wage. Those are both principles that I agree with, I think the only disagreement is in the detail of how to implement them. The problem I have with people saying oh just get a better job, is that it doesn't address the root problem of that job not paying enough. If I can't pay the bills on minimum wage then I can go and get a better job, but then whoever takes my old job is also going to have the same problem. That job needs to be done, someone has to do it. Are we saying that we expect people to do those jobs, but we don't think think they deserve enough money to pay the bills?

What you fail to realise is that people have different priorities and attitude to money.

If you took all the money in circulation in the UK and distributed it equally to each adult. Then if you were to revisit those individuals a year later, some would have spent all the money and some would have doubled it.

That's the reality and there's nothing you or I can do about it..
  1. 17-12-2019 18:29
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By and large I’m a firm believer that you end up in life where you deserve to end up.

That's bollocks.
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Society needs safety nets-to help those less fortunate, those who have life changing events.Sadly the NHS has become a crutch-just like the welfare system, but when the government attempt to police them, there is an outcry.It ultimately hurts the people it’s supposed to help-not the hangers on, the lazy, or those who simply want to go through life feeding off others.

The solution is surely to take the nhs and welfare out of politics and have both run by independent commissions.
  1. 18-12-2019 11:55
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You can blame Blair and Martlew for the mess our hospitals in. PFI
  1. 22-12-2019 20:01
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Marko, any chance that you can quote any rag other than the Guardian, no-one cares what guff they write.
I had a cursory run through your post as I get bored easily but it would appear the case for the defence is that Conservative councils use their funds more wisely than Labour councils.
I am pretty sure that 60% reduction you spoke about is the money siphoned off to pay those nice pensions that local government and police pay themselves.
I don’t trust any council of whatever colour not to piss our hard earned, so never try to make me feel sorry for those reprobates.
  1. 23-12-2019 17:47
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I see Emily has got her leadership campaign off to a flying start.

On BBC news, she gave her 10 pennath on the Iran issues and how serious it was for the World. Of course, it was all Boris's fault as when she wrote to him about the Iran problem when he was foreign secretary, he replied by telling her to stop wasting her time reading newspapers. He had her sussed years ago...go the Buffoon !!
  1. 05-01-2020 11:06
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I'd be happy to give Scotland and especially Northern Ireland independence:

Those per capita spending figures are shocking UD, with England receiving less than Scotland, Wales and NI. But if you take the time to dig deeper, for decades London has received the highest per capita spending of all the English regions, despite generating enormous economy of scale. The English regions are the poor relations in the UK when it comes to spending tax income. Is it any wonder that we’re starting to rebel against the status quo?
  1. 14-01-2020 21:22
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Here's one for you Kessler.
Why should convicted murderers be allowed any human rights?
They took away the human rights of their victims & in a lot of cases they walk free without completing their whole term sentence after conning some daft buggers on a parole board that they are reformed characters.
  1. 16-01-2020 11:56
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There’s proof, it has to be a woman.
  1. 16-01-2020 17:58
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