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Hello folks,

The next CUSG Meeting is scheduled for next Monday (6th Sept).

This is a reminder that we will not be attending, having tendered our resignation from the Group recently.

If you have any Questions you would like raised via the Meeting, you are advised to email them in to the CUSG email address -

By all means post on here the Question’s you’re sending in, for discussion etc, but please note we won’t be sending them in for you!

We’ll still operate a Thread for these Meetings, as people like to discuss the information that comes out from them.


1 month ago
You know yourself that the current 4 have no interest in going or seizing power - even at their age otherwise they would have worked with you, Robin Brown, Lummy etc to get a plan together for the good of the club.

They don’t, they get panicky and diss them as they know there’ll be gone and then go after their own intentions of staying on by going after a dodgy billionaire for 3 years or panic calling Phil Day for “a loan” and signing their life away just to remain at Brunton park and be called owners.

The great example is Patty resigning and then coming back on board.

Plus we have a crap side and a powderpuff trust that don’t call this out and instead accept all suggestions the club says.

There’s die hard supporters that go regardless, some floating if there’s nothing better to do or walk away.

Simply summarised a lot of supporters know what the issues are and know there’s not a thing they can do about it apart from having nothing to do with it and walking away, all while the club stagnates further!
1 month ago
The trust buying the club - Christ!.

Not sure who would want to work with them to be honest. However if PD doesn’t take this on it’s looking likely it’ll have to be the trust in dire circumstances.

I’ll disagree as I think the smaller issues need discussed, there’s still room for them. It’s maybe though they are taking precedence over the main issue which supporters are either fed up about, know nothing will change or aren’t interested.
1 month ago
Sorry Richard but arguing over £13k is just fog-and it’s still there-not spent unless I’m mistaken.

The trust should be trying to buy the club(with others)to engineer change-unless they want to be steamrollered into a deal because you and I know they have no practical way of preventing it in the current state.

I’m only interested in the bigger picture stuff to be honest-the small stuff is a distraction, a welcome one for those in charge, a happy deflection.
1 month ago
We all know the 13k is a small amount that won’t touch anything and is a small issue in comparison to the big issues, but are we not allowed to discuss about anything until the big issues sorted? The ticket issues for example or diversity shite.

13k isn’t a lot for some, but some people I know personally with little money put towards it (stupidly in my opinion) and was livid with the suggestion as were many others. Yes it’s small but to him and his £200 it’s huge. There’s plenty of discussions on all areas of Carlisle United, this was just another one.

I completely agree with Laffy post, that’s how the club is. It’s dreadful but as long as we aren’t Bury or Stockport we’re ok. We’ve huge amount of debt that’s rising through interest, that we don’t know about, but it’s ok as they don’t want it back YET. We are told by Nixon they are the only party and they won’t speak to anyone else re investment.

We are trying to be self sufficient which is good, but despite the supposed profit last season we took out an EFL loan. There’s cash flow problems and due to being shite owners there’s no other income stream apart from supporters and football fortune, it’s highly risky.

The club have mentioned numerous times now through Clibbens that there’s no benefactor anymore. We are screwed if we don’t get football fortune.

As for Story I’d have him back, he won’t want it now. I didn’t like him but you don’t need to like someone to know he’s a success. When Story left they were cheers by some especially those close to the trust at time - I can remember saying be careful what you wish for?
1 month ago
And who tipped FS over the edge into leaving
1 month ago
Why thank you CCU.
1 month ago
Meanwhile, we have 4 disparate shareholders, all without the ability to put money in or even raise it, clinging on for dear life, waiting around for a non footballing discredited Dubai resident to ‘invest’ in the future of the Club.

I looked up the definition of ‘Investor’ in the dictionary-I could find no reference in the definition to lending money with a debenture and floating charge plus PGs.It’s called a [censored] loan!!!!

One of the best summing’s up of the Club I’ve read!
1 month ago
He’s a winner-and football is about winning.It’s not a popularity contest but I think Fred stands up well to those in charge or purportedly wanting to ‘invest’

We have been conditioned in recent years by the ‘allure’ of the relative safety of ‘managing, getting by’ and comparing ourselves with the likes of Bury to make us feel better.’oh look at Bury-without us, we could be next’

It’s utterly depressing to read this thread and the lengthy posts about 13 grand and where it’s spent in the club-FFS!!!!!13 grand won’t but a decent second hand Audi.

Meanwhile, we have 4 disparate shareholders, all without the ability to put money in or even raise it, clinging on for dear life, waiting around for a non footballing discredited Dubai resident to ‘invest’ in the future of the Club.

I looked up the definition of ‘Investor’ in the dictionary-I could find no reference in the definition to lending money with a debenture and floating charge plus PGs.It’s called a [censored] loan!!!!

In the words of The Cure, ‘how did we get this far apart, I thought our love would last forever’
1 month ago
Agreed. The FS era was exciting. I got the impression he demanded 100% from everyone associated with the club and the fans responded. Whereas today's shambles............
1 month ago
I would start a fund to ask Fred to come back and take this crock of shit on again.Oh for a team which can play in the next league up, challenging for the Championship.Yes-believe it or not, the FS era was successful and exciting lest we not forget.

Bigger crowds, good football, good players and momentum.Despite this, a trust with zero cash, zero ideas, just a 25.4pc block to ensure the club has to borrow rather than secure long term money.

Have I missed anything?
1 month ago
I would like my contribution to go to Norman Steel to help him recoup some of the debt he incurred helping drive Fred Story from the club.
1 month ago
Agree Bumble!

I said at the time that we need to know what’s it’s to be used for or we’d have issues - and here we are.

Agree, good suggestions and I was thinking along the same lines. Ask supporters, make them feel wanted and involved.

As it’s a trust initiative they can do it themselves or via cusg (be better) as it involves the club, get suggestions and move forward.

Agree again the problem was communication from the trust, or lack of and understanding. They always seem to make a simple thing so complicated.
1 month ago
I just think the whole thing wasn't thought through, which is understandable at the time because back then no one knew what was going to happen re covid, but to me the whole thing just emphasises how difficult CUOSC find it to communicate.

There were a few different ideas coming together. The faceboards were popular, fun and helped take the barrenness from an empty stadium. I think a fair few people would have bought them without the raising money aspect. It's the money aspect that has been the problem. No one knew what was going to happen and it might have been better just to word the blurb "any monies made from this venture will be given to Carlisle United for a specific project, chosen by you the fans, when fans are back in the stadium.

So now the club could be asked if it has any projects, CUSG could be asked, four projects chosen and fans could vote on the one they would like the money to go towards. It might even be the refurbishing of the bars, or plenty of other things.

That way the fans, who raised the money would be involved from start to finish and would feel their money was appreciated. At the moment it feels more like Fagin has squirrelled fans money away without a please or thank you.
1 month ago
Bizarrely looking back over trusts briefings not once does it say the club suggested it - it came from the trust.

Both silly for suggesting and going ahead with it.

They was plenty of opposition to it on here and elsewhere.

My suggestion ask the supporters and those that donated and in future do a fundraiser for a specific thing like with the flags that got support.
1 month ago
I don't have a problem with it either and think it's a sensible idea tbh . But it depends on how Cuosc organised it and worded the campaign . You could equally argue that its needed as a consequence of covid as much as the help through covid as NC says every department apart from football has suffered through covid . The thing is doing nothing is wrong , but doing the bar or actually asking those who donated on their thoughts if it is felt that it's a change of plan is moving forward and helping the club / fans whereas it sitting in a bank account is doing nothing and is against what the original thought was and is no different to the donations not being made in the first place as the club and fans have not benefitted .
If nothing else comes from this hopefully Mullens question will get some movement going as it needs to be done whatever it is.
1 month ago
Full marks to Nigel for responding and being honest.
Personally I have never seen a problem with the money raised going towards a bar refurbishment 'for use by the supporters'.
Also, I have not seen any comments from those who did contribute stating what THEY want the money spent on - only Mullen saying he doesn't want it spent on tidying up a bar.
1 month ago
13 grand Richard.

I donated to the last fund raiser for a player.This after being asked to help pay the wages for a manager after the Kav debacle.I said yes but the deal fell away.

I won’t be offering one penny going forwards,simply because we at the bottom of the food chain clearly know nothing about running a business, notably a football club, so why offer?
1 month ago
So it was Clibbens who suggested the funds be used for the bar refurbishment and the trust went with it - god help us.

However praise for his honesty, I believe it may have been rejected due to the outcry on here and other social media?

Can the mods remember Clibbens asking in a meeting? What was the reaction?


Questions for the club/cusg please?

Does the club/cusg find it acceptable that despite being number 2 for fan engagement a member of cusg, namely the trust, have reverted back to old ways of ignoring questions/criticism?

It is not in the remit of CUSG to be involved in how any CUSG member group communicates with its members – just is it wasn’t CUSG’s job in the past to be involved in how the moderators, moderated the forum - Imagine that 😊

From a club point of view – the same point applies to the club. We don’t intervene or comment on its operations.

I don’t know what questions are unanswered or how CUOSC is dealing with them anyway – so couldn’t comment specifically either.

The club is ranked second for fan engagement. It is a ranking for us (not CUOSC communications with fans) based on what we do.

That said, in principle, you can see in my approach to answering questions, how important I view answering them, in ensuring the best practice communication and engaging with the people who you deal with. My aim is to make CUFC the best – it is something we can do – as its not driven by money or facilities – its about culture and action

It is not in the club’s remit to deal and interject with the communications of the parties we work with. That said where it adversely impacts on the club, I ensure our position is made clear in the right way.

CUOSC said at the last meeting “CUOSC are planning to take direct questions too, as part of a revamped engagement policy, to be announced soon”

That shows to me they are looking to improve and recognise the concerns and needs.

Before the messageboard joined cusg this was the norm. Thankfully when the mods joined and did the questions the trust answered, but now it seems that this Avenue has stopped the trust have reverted back to ignoring which is disappointing.

Based on the above, what CUOSC said is they are not intending to ignore questions – they are intending to answer.

Can the club confirm if they initially suggested using the reunited fund for Murphys bar refurbishment?
Yes I suggested it see below

I understand this has now been rejected
As the financial impact of covid became clearer. I told CUOSC we no longer needed it for that particular project. We have agreed with CUOSC if other projects emerge within the remit of the fund they can be discussed see below.

but it's intriguing how the initial suggestion came about?
When CV19 lock down struck and the 19/20 season stopped and the club’s income ceased from games (from March 2020) it looked like we faced a very difficult time financially. There was no bailouts on the horizon and we didn’t know how long fans would be out and furlough was just starting. I had discussions with Jim and Billy who kindly wanted to offer support and help financially where they could. We discussed ideas and the Reunited campaign came about

After the Reunited money initially came in, I was asked what areas the club needed help with financially . David H immediately suggested some new gym equipment (as we had suffered a number of hamstring, soft tissue injuries in pre-season). Funds from Reunited paid for that in full at the start.

Before covid CUSG was looking at bar refurbs – the aim was for them to be paid for by CUSG fund raising (and if necessary topped up by the club). Because of covid, CUSG fund raising stopped and Covid meant at that time, we had no cash to do it at that point.

When the bar refurbishment restarted, the Sporting Inn costs left a funding gap for CUSG and no approved funds from the club. I suggested as the club couldn’t do it, could CUOSC help using Reunited funds. The alternative was to leave the project in limbo pending more fund raising, while CUOSC held funds it had raised.

In my opinion, using fan donations from Reunited, to fund fan initiatives (like sporting inn) which could not be pursued by the club because of covid fell exactly within the remit of the fund. I saw it as more in keeping with the intentions of the fund scope than buying more player gym equipment. The reality is the football department has not seen its funding impacted by CV19. The rest of the club has borne the burden – as I have detailed in my updates “Throughout the coronavirus crisis our aim has been to continue with this approach, to avoid reducing our football spending”.

As time passed and the season came upon us, and we worked through covid and the Sporting Inn work, I club decided we did not need the cuosc funds at this time and could pay for required Sporting Inn work from our own resources. So I informed CUOSC its kind offer would not be taken up.

CUOSC attracts criticism for some things but on the Re:united initiative and refurb donation offer, the intent and the offer were entirely proper in my view.

If any fans didn’t like using the money on something that benefits the fans, they can take comfort in the fact the club didn’t get that money and it wasn’t spend on making the Sporting Inn better.

As I said in my updates, the club has got through covid financially, so far, and on that basis the money wasn’t called upon except for the gym equipment. It is still held by CUOSC.

I hope that clarifies things

I requested help for refurb costs of Sporting Inn as it was clear there would be a shortfall from CUSG funds given the costs. CUOSC agreed.
1 month ago
Yes there was the flags, one with a purpose and an outcome and didn’t involve the trust.

Future fund raisers need to be like that, set up for a specific thing IMO.

Not to be given to a manager to spunk on a dud and not held for over a year, with no idea what to do with it.
1 month ago
It’s also causes issues for future fundraising IMO.

We had a fundraising under Curle and it got spent on a dud.

We’ve had a fundraiser to get us through Covid, a small proportion spent on gym equipment and 13k left with no idea what to do with it.

It’s been held for over a year. Yes we can keep it incase things get bad again or spend it, but as both go against the remit and the stupidity of offering to use it on a bar refurbishment, maybe just maybe it may be a good idea to ask members and those that donated what to use it on - adding the suggestion as well to keep hold for x months seems fair also, but as it’s an unknown and the trust wanted to give it to the club to refurb a bar ask the supporters ffs.

That’s two fundraisers that have been crap for one reason or another. Either wasted or held with no idea what to do with it.

Why the hell should someone donate to the next one?
1 month ago
I cannot believe the energy wasted on here over a few quid-which hasn’t been spent!!!Its still there!!!

The problem was suggesting it’s use for a bar refurbishment.

My uncle is a pensioner and hasn’t much money but put £200 towards the fund. A few quid to you maybe but not him. The remit was to help the club through Covid - he was livid at the suggestion of it going towards a bar refurbishment.

It isn’t now thankfully - so what next?

Do we leave it there or spend it or as Bob said offer it back?
1 month ago
I cannot believe the energy wasted on here over a few quid-which hasn’t been spent!!!Its still there!!!
1 month ago
If you are being honest Mullen they have been a trust for a long time with no idea how to do that either

Yep - sad isn’t it.
1 month ago
If you are being honest Mullen they have been a trust for a long time with no idea how to do that either
1 month ago
Nothing to do with me as I've let my membership lapse but I admire the optimism that the money won't be needed for covid issues.

I would be keeping that money ringfenced for the next few months, at least until the spring.

The money has been kept for over a year - with no detail or idea on how it’s going to be spent.

Now I’m with you and understand the winter may be dodgy and I’ve no confidence in what Boris has said re no further lockdowns etc but we have to go with that - yes I know his changed his mind a million times.

Otherwise we could keep the money forever in case Covid variants ever arises or there’s another lockdown or we get to spring and 18 months on the monies still there with no idea what to do with it.
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